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by Ren
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1480471
Explosive adventure with gov. conspiracies and wild car chases and...baby bottles?!
mkay so here's chapter 3 :D if you've read this far then thank you so very much! also please comment! i want to hear the good, bad, and ugly of what people think of this! depending on how many people read and comment i may or may not post more. so to entice you a little, the story only gets more action-y and "hot" as a friend put it lol from here on out sooo i'm just sayin one lil comment won't hurt now will it XD (updated 3-6-11)
Chapter 3

“You’re Not Getting Away!”

Silas stood by the car with Coral. It made him uneasy that she was being this calm. It wasn’t like she didn’t know what was going to happen to her. She’d known who he was and what his plans were from the very beginning, and yet she just sat there and stared at him. Maybe Sonya had rubbed off on her…that was a frightening thought. A second Sonya, that was the last thing he wanted to deal with. He tried staring back at her just as coldly, but he ended up being the one to look away. Sometimes Coral hardly looked human to him maybe that’s why Sonya didn’t understand how dangerous she was. Sonya had only see the happy infant side of Coral because that’s all Coral wanted her to see. But Coral had no reason to extend such a kindness to him, she could be her true self around him. She could show him that she was much smarter than him even at such a young age. It was way too eerie for him.
Silas turned his attention to the crappy hotel so he wouldn’t have to look at Coral. He could easily see the room the three of them had stayed in. On the one hand, he knew leaving Sonya behind would be for the best, but on the other hand he felt a little guilty in leaving her in such a manner. He had to take precautions just in case she woke up, so he took one pair of his handcuffs and locked her to the bed. That way he wouldn’t have to worry about her running after them. She could stay there safely until someone found her and let her loose then she could go home and get on with her life.
I think I’ll miss her a little bit though what with all her eccentricities. Silas thought wistfully as he turned away from the hotel. No more thinking about her Silas, you’re only going to make the guilt worse. Then you might do something stupid like set her free and bring her along just for fun. Silas thought, trying to clear his head of anything Sonya but it wasn’t working. Every time he tried not to think about her, he did. No matter what he tried to focus on, his mind kept wandering back to her.
“Is this your doing kid?” Silas said to Coral feeling frustrated. As soon as he thought about not seeing her again, he just couldn’t stop thinking about her! Coral sat there staring at him looking at him as though he’d gone crazy. This was obviously his punishment for fooling around with a kid. He should have just left her alone and not bother trying to warn her what would happen. He should have just drove off when she got out of the car at the gas station. There was no reason for him to have done what he did. He just kept thinking that she was interesting and that he wanted to know more about her. Hell, maybe he was going crazy, she was just a kid after all.
Silas leaned his head down on the roof of the car and groaned, wishing he could somehow take back what he’d done the night before. He didn’t go all the way with her, but he’d certainly thought about it. If she had stayed receptive like she had been in the beginning when he’d kissed her, he probably would have—which was wrong! He was an adult and she was a child! She couldn’t even get into an R-rated movie without her parents! Oh God. I’m going to hell because of this little girl.
Sonya cradled her hand and fought very hard against screaming from the pain. She knew that it was going to hurt but there is a difference between knowing and experiencing something. She finally swallowed down the last of her silent sobs and tucked her gun into the back of her jeans as she headed for the door.
When she stepped outside the sun was just rising over the tops of the trees, so she’d only gotten a few hours of sleep apparently, not that it was going to stop her. The rage that had built up was quickly giving her energy. How dare he just use me like that! Then once he had his fun, he just took Coral and is trying to make a get- away. I bet he’s having a good laugh right about now. Sonya looked out across the parking lot and saw Silas leaned over the car with Coral sitting on the hood of the car. Sonya took off running, then jumping most of the stairs and landing on the platform in the middle of the first and second floor. Then she jumped the rest of the stairs and sprinted across the blacktop toward the car.
She was more than half way when Coral noticed her charging toward them. She was apparently very happy to see her because she yelled, “Soya! Soya!” Silas turned to Coral first then turned around to see Sonya charging toward them. There was some momentary panic that flitted across his face, but that was quickly replaced by something else. It was odd, something about the look made Sonya think he was actually happy to see her. Sonya walked strait up to him, her anger flaring with each step she took. If the daggers she was staring into him were real, he’d look like a pin cushion for knives.
“Oh you’re up?” Silas said trying to act like they were the best of buddies. Sonya whipped her gun out from waist band and pushed the barrel of the gun to his chest like she had with the handcuffs. “And now you have a gun. Where did you get a gun?” Silas said raising his hands in surrender.
“It was a birthday present when I turned twelve.” Sonya said sounding sarcastic, although it was the truth. Her uncle had given it to her wrapped in pink bunny wrapping paper.
“Where were you hiding it? There weren’t many place that I didn’t search.” Silas said bringing what happened the night before to the forefront of her mind, which only pissed her off even more.
She shoved the gun into his chest hard, hoping it would leave a bruise. “Obviously, it was somewhere I’m not going to have to scrub with bleach and disinfectant later. Now get away from the car.” Sonya said trying to use the gun to guide him away from the car. He started to go along with it but then he reached up and yanked on the chain of the handcuff that was still attached to her good hand. She was so caught off guard that she lost her balance and crashed into him. She was about to push away from him when his arm caught her by the waist and held her there. Shocked yet again, she was barely able to resist when he grabbed the gun right out of her hand.
“Children shouldn’t be playing with guns. Who gives a gun as a birthday present to a girl? They should have given you a doll or something. Maybe that’s why you’re such a weird girl, if this is any indication of your childhood.” Silas said quickly ejecting the bullet casing and taking the whole gun apart with one hand.
“Well a dolly isn’t going to help in the real world now is it?” Sonya countered trying to push herself from his arms.
“No, it doesn’t help in the real world, but neither do guns. So why don’t I just help you out here and just get rid of it.” Silas said as he threw away the parts of her gun, “Now then back to the matters at hand. I guess this is going to complicate things since you’re not out of the way. What am I suppose to do with you Ms. Sonya? I left you in the room so that my team could assume that you ran away, but I would imagine that you aren’t going to be willing to go back.” Sonya shook her head and tried to push herself out of his arms again.
“Of course not and I don’t intend to allow you to put me back there either. So why don’t you just release me and let me drive off with Coral. That way we won’t be in each other’s way anymore.” Sonya said stopping her struggles for a moment to stare him right in the face.
“Oh Sonya, and how exactly do you intend to drive yourself and Coral? Your hand is almost useless. How do you expect to drive while holding her? Sure what you did last night was impressive, but there weren’t any other cars around. Can you say for sure that you could keep her safe from just everyday traffic? Probably not. Since I can’t let you leave with the child and you can’t let me leave with the child. Then we’re at a bit of stalemate because I’m not the kind of person who is willing to kill just to get what I want. Although honestly, your bullheadedness is making me reconsider that moral. So let’s just think about this realistically for a moment here. I can’t leave, you can’t leave, but there isn’t any real reason we can’t leave with the kid together.” Silas said reasonably.
“Oh I can think of about a hundred reasons why that’s a bad idea. I’d rather fight you tooth and nail then spend another minute with you.” Sonya said pulling away from his as best as she could so that she might actually be able to fight him.
“I’d rather not fight you, fighting girls just really isn’t my cup of tea. I’ve only hit a girl once and I still feel bad about it and that happened back when I was in elementary school. And is spending time with me really that bad? I mean there have been moments where I could have behaved better, but other than that has it really been that bad?” Silas asked holding on to her apparently with very little effort. Sonya pretended to think about every last minute she’d spent with him debating if it had really been that bad.
“Yes, it has been that bad. I’ve never met someone who knew exactly what to say or what to do to piss me off as badly as you have in less than twenty-four hours. I hate your guts. I hate the way you talk so condescendingly to me. I hate how you keep trying to help me. I hate that you want to know more about me. I hate how I keep wanting to believe the things you say. I hate how you make my—“ Sonya stopped herself abruptly. She had almost said how you make my heart race. She couldn’t be more ashamed of herself! Falling for the enemy was not an option! And she didn’t want to fall for him! He was awful and cocky and way too comfortable with holding her.
“Oh what was that last one? I make you what…?” Silas asked fully enjoying how she had said way to much.
“I hate how you make me feel nauseated each time I look at you.” Sonya said praying he would believe such an obvious lie.
“Hmm that doesn’t really fit what you were saying before. ‘I hate how you make my—‘and then you stopped. I suppose it could have fit, but somehow I just don’t really believe you.” Silas said practically laughing at her now. Sonya trying to get away stepped down as hard as she could on the bridge of his foot. He instantly let go of her in order to grab his foot. Sonya ran around the front end of the car to grab Coral then on to the driver’s side door. She jumped into the drivers seat and was connecting the two wires she had the night before when she passenger side door opened and Silas got in.
“Next time let me know before you do that, and I’ll just let got. I think you nearly broke my foot in half.” Silas said holding his foot in his lap. Sonya was about to tell him to get out when she realized it would be completely pointless, and she had to hit the road incase he had called for back up before she arrived on the scene. So she hit the gas, not waiting for him to close his door or even buckle his seat belt. She thought he was about to fall out but to her disappointment he was just grabbing his door to shut it.
As they approached the interstate, Silas’ words about handling a car while holding Coral not being safe started to eat at her. She didn’t want to admit it but he had a point, she wasn’t a perfect driver.
“Here hold her, and Coral you go sit with him for a while.” Sonya said passing the reluctant Coral over to an equally reluctant Silas.
“Oh you trust me enough to hold your precious Coral now?” Silas said sarcastically. Sonya just rolled her eyes.
“I would prefer to have both hands on the steering wheel while driving over a hundred miles per hour.” Sonya said pressing the gas pedal all the way to the floor. Finally after so many hours, Sonya actually felt a little bit happy while driving. She was glad she had taken this particular car from Coral’s neighbors. The engine didn’t have any problem once so ever cruising at a hundred or bobbing and weaving through traffic. At this rate she wouldn’t have anything to worry about. There was no way they could catch her by car, and they had no idea where she was going, though Sonya didn’t have any idea where she going either.
“So now that we’re on our way at an outrageous speed. Where are we headed?” Silas asked assuming she had a plan.
“That depends where were you planning to take Coral?” Sonya asked trying to trick the location of Coral’s brother out of him.
“How specific do you want? A general direction? Geographic region?” Silas asked trying to dodge her question.
“Like what state? I want to know where I can’t go.” Sonya said lying as she tried to pull him into her trap.
“Nevada, but that’s as much as I’m telling you.” Silas said answering her question, but bringing up even more.
“Why in the world Nevada? There’s like nothing there. Shouldn’t it be one of those states that has a blue-million army bases? Where could you possibly keep something so dangerous as you put it.” Sonya said pulling him into the flow of conversation, or at least that was what she was going for.
“Sonya, I’m not stupid. If I said Nevada was all I could tell you then that’s all I can tell you. So just drop it. Besides if you were really just going to avoid the place then knowing the state is enough. Or are you wanting to know because you’re actually going after the kid’s brother like what you mentioned last night in your sleep?” Silas said grinning as he busted her.
“Now why would I do something stupid like that? Won’t I just get caught if I try to do that?” Sonya said trying to throw him off her trail.
“Only you would do something as stupid as that, and because of that you would undoubtedly be caught. So even though I know you’re just going to ignore my warning, I would suggest you not attempt such a feat.” Silas said smiling in a grim sort of way.
“Nope not this time. I’m not doing it, too dangerous. My goal is to just find Coral a safe home where she can’t be found. Besides there’s no way I’ll be able to find out where the facility is. I only know what state it’s in, and for all I know it could be underground or something absurd like that. I feel bad about leaving him behind, but I’m just one kid how I’m not some super spy who can swoop in and save him.” Sonya said carrying her lie like an Olympic runner carries the torch.
“Well if you say so. I’m certainly not going to encourage you, but how did you even know about him?” Silas asked curiously.
“Coral showed me in my dream last night. He’s cute with his light blond hair, he looks like a little cherub.” Sonya said feeling pangs of guilt. While she had lied to Silas about not going to save him, much of what she said worried her. She really was only one person and she had very little information as to where he was being held. Not to mention she had to worry about Silas suddenly turning on her at any moment and his team catching up with them.
“Wow, that’s pretty amazing. You described him to a ‘T’ I guess that’s one of Coral’s newer powers because there wasn’t anything like that in the reports. I have to admit while these honestly scare the hell out of me, they are very interesting. They can do so much with so little effort on their part.” Silas said admiringly. Sonya was constantly being thrown off by him. He never played the bad guy for very long, he was always reverting back to a normal person and that made it hard to hate him.
“She is amazing…” Sonya said quietly letting their conversation end.

Sonya kept driving in silence for almost an hour when she finally had to ask, “Silas your team doesn’t have to drive just that black van? It can be any car right?” Silas thought momentarily, “Yeah why?” Sonya punched the gas again flying past every car around her until she was alone with no around except one white car. She had only noticed them recently, they had been following and keeping up with her ever since they’d crossed over into Texas. At first, she thought they were just keeping up with her because they were going with the flow of traffic since a few other cars had kept up with her too. These guys though were not only keeping up with her, but seemed to be hiding behind other cars waiting for her to stop somewhere which, unfortunately, would be soon since she was almost out of gas.
Sonya waited until the other cars were far enough away so that when she sent the white car flying, they wouldn’t get hurt too hopefully. “We’re being followed, and I intend to put a stop to it.” Sonya finally answered, unbuckling her seat belt.
“Sonya, we’re on the interstate. The cars around you have to go the same direction as you to get where they want to go. You’re just being paranoid.” Silas said blowing her off.
“No, I’m not. I’ve got a kid and a federal agent in my car that this group wants back. It’s not paranoia, it’s logic.” Sonya said as she put the car in cruise control. “Now do me a favor and hold the steering wheel.” Silas reached his arm across and gripped the steering wheel tightly while Sonya reached down to her ankle and pulled out her spare gun.
“You have another one of those? Geez, do you just walk around expecting trouble? How many more of those do you have?” Silas asked sarcastically.
“Maybe none maybe four, you’re never gonna know.” Sonya answered equally as sarcastic. Then she rolled down the window and began to carefully wiggle her way out the window so that her rear end was on the window seal, and she steadied herself by holding on to the roof of the car. The wind was hitting her so hard that it was difficult to breathe and her hair was whipping around her so fast each time it stuck her it felt as if she was being hit with a knife.
She saw the two men in the car behind her gaining on them now that she was at a constant speed. They looked surprised to see her hanging out the window like she was, but they quickly began heading strait for her side of the car like they were going to knock her off. Before they reached the bumper of the car, Sonya had her gun out and aimed for the front tire. She pulled the trigger and hit it dead on. The tire burst was almost louder than the gunshot itself. The van began to swerve back and forth before the entire car tipped over and started flipping.
Mission complete, Sonya slid carefully back into the car only to find that Silas had slid into the driver’s seat. She didn’t have any other choice but to sit in his lap for the moment. While he seemed to find this funny, Sonya on the other hand didn’t find the situation nearly as amusing so as she made her way over to the passenger seat she elbowed him in his gut, hard.
“That was impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone shoot a moving target going over a hundred miles per our before. It’s kinda hot.” Silas said, laughing and making Sonya blush a little, not that he could see it though.
“When you’ve practiced as much as me, you can shoot like that too. Now keep driving, but take the next south loop. We’re heading to Huston.” Sonya said settling into the passenger seat with Coral. The little girl looked happier in her arms than when she’d been forced to sit with Silas.
“What’s in Huston?” Silas asked looking away from the road for a moment to see Sonya and Coral both asleep in the passenger seat.
Silas fought the urge to turn the car around and end his troubles, but something about the peacefulness of both or their faces made him keep driving. He didn’t really want to go back this soon anyway, this was like a mini-vacation. It was a little ironic that he did think of it as a vacation since he had a young wife figure and a child figure with him and he was stuck driving for hours on end. He thought of it as a joke, but something made him feel a tiny twinge of regret. Maybe he wanted it to be true, but knew that it never could be. He didn’t deserve a family anyway, considering all the things he’d done over the course of the past two years. Just that alone was enough to condemn him to hell, guess that means what he did the day before didn’t matter then since he was already heading that way.
Silas felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and groaned. He didn’t want to talk to his team right now. If they hadn’t made their presence so obvious, they wouldn’t have ended up doing cart wheels down the interstate.
Silas picked up the phone, “Hello?”
“Why the hell did you let her do that!” Benson yelled into the receiver. Silas had to hold the phone away from his ear for a moment while Benson yelled curses at him.
“Well, I couldn’t exactly stop her since I didn’t know what she was going to do until she was already out the window with the gun.” Silas said lying to his least favorite teammate. Benson was too violent and always trying to cause Silas problems.
“Oh well then that just makes up for everything now doesn’t it! You apologize and our car is magically fixed and our injuries are healed. You moron! Just stop the girl and end this shit so we can go back to base! She’s just one kid and you’re in the same damn car as her! All you have to do is shoot her, she’s shot at us, you should be okay with it now.” Benson yelled at him. Silas’ blood started to boil more when Benson told him to hurt Sonya in order to complete his mission.
“If you would notice Benson, she didn’t shoot at you she shot at the wheels of the car. She even drove further ahead of traffic so bystanders wouldn’t get hurt. The kid’s just smart with what she needs to do to keep going.” Silas said through gritted teeth.
“I don’t give a damn about the bystanders. What I care about is that you do your damn job.” Benson yelled then hung up the phone. Silas threw his phone into the cup holder in anger glad that the other man had hung up first since if he’d hung up the phone it’d be insubordination. Silas hadn’t been this mad in a long time, not since he’d first been forced to join the TMPG. All of them were about violence as the solution no matter what the situation was. Silas pressed the gas further to the floor to vent some of his rage until he heard the sound of the window being rolled down and he looked over to see Sonya throwing his phone out the window.
“I was wondering when you’d be dumb enough to leave your phone sitting out. Sorry I had to throw it out the window, it looked kind of expensive, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Speaking of which, what are you planning to do?” Sonya asked casually, at least she attempted to. There was no way she hadn’t heard what Benson had been saying. He’d been yelling so loud, she was probably worried that she’d be killed any moment.
“Don’t know, but in case you’re worried, I don’t plan on killing you like he said I should. If I killed you I’d be no better than them, and there is nothing worse than that in my opinion. Besides you’re not a bad person, you’re just in a bad situation that doesn’t mean you should have to die.” Silas said kindly. After he said that he thought he saw her relax for just a second, but she quickly put her guard back up as if she were about to be punched.
“Well thanks, I guess. Glad to know someone sees me as a person and not some crazy animal like your friend seems to see me.” Sonya said almost as if it pained her to say something nice to him. He chuckled at her childishness, and she turned away from him pouting about being laughed at.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just the childish part of you is kind of cute.” Silas said, trying hard not to laugh as she started to blush a little. Something about teasing her was just too much fun. Silas let her embarrassment fade a little before he spoke to her again. “You said something earlier about Huston. Why are we going there?”
“Well I don’t know if I really want to go there or not. It’s not a city I particularly like, I have a lot of bad memories associated with that place.” Sonya said strait forward for once.
“If you don’t like it why consider going there? Is there someone there you think will be able to help you?” Silas asked hopping he’d get a real answer again.
“Oh I know they’ll help me, I’ll give them no other choice but to help me.” Sonya said cryptically.
“I don’t understand. Do you or don’t you want to go to Huston?” Silas asked feeling like she was leading him around in circles.
“That’s the thing, I don’t know if I want to go or not. Well, actually I don’t want to go, it’s more of a question of am I willing to get involved with these people again.” Sonya said sounding like she was tired of asking herself that.
“I think that if they’re willing to help you then you should go and see them. Even if you want nothing to do with them or if you had hoped to never see these people again, if they can help then you should give them another chance.” Silas said hoping to push her into getting help. She needed someone on her side who could stay on her side, and he certainly couldn’t be the one to do it.
“You don’t understand what kind of people they are. I don’t all-out hate people for no reason, they usually have to be pretty horrible people for me to hate them.” Sonya explained.
“I guess that means you think I’m a pretty horrible person then.” Silas said feeling somber. Maybe it had something to do with he’d never had someone hate him before, or maybe he just didn’t want her to hate him.
“I don’t recall ever saying I hated you, but don’t let me stop your pity party.”
“So you don’t hate me? Even after all the trouble I’ve given you?” Silas asked shocked and somewhat happy with this news.
“If I had to rate how much I dislike you, with ten being my issues with my father and one being how much I dislike green peas. I’d say you rank about a four, but don’t get too excited I still dislike you a whole lot. It’s just not good enough to be half of what I feel for my father.” Sonya said again struggling to say something somewhat nice to him.
“But it’s only four.” Silas said happily.
“Are trying to get me to add a point?” Sonya snapped at him, but he didn’t care. Even with as much as he’d purposefully bothered her she still didn’t hate him. There was still what she’d almost said earlier, that he made her feel something. She hadn’t actually said this but he didn’t need to be a genius like the kid to figure out what she almost said. But I shouldn’t be happy about this. This is only going to complicate things. Even if she does seem content with only half-heartedly hating me now. The more time I spend with her the more I’m encouraging this. If only I had just been content with taking the kid at the gas station. Silas thought miserably.
They sat in silence for a few minutes, but Sonya finally broke the silence to ask, “Would you forgive someone you hated beyond all reason?”
“Are you talking about your father?” Silas asked surprised again by her forwardness.
“Who I’m talking about isn’t important. Besides I asked you what you would do.” Sonya said.
Silas pondered over all the people he’d ever met whom he could remember enough about. He couldn’t think of someone whom he truly hated. Now he came close to hating the people he worked with, but most of the time he could tolerate them. From the sounds of it, Sonya couldn’t even tolerate being in the same city as her father. So what did that mean he should tell her? Should he tell her to give him a second chance or that she needed someone else to help her? What could he have done where she wouldn’t even want to stay in the same state as him? He really wasn’t cut out for this!
“Um, I think it kind of depends from situation to situation—“ Silas started but Sonya quickly cut him off.
“Would you or wouldn’t you forgive someone if they did something horrible to you?”
“I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve never truly hated someone because I’ve never been wronged so badly that I thought I’d hate that person for the rest of my life.” Silas admitted. Sonya just looked at him for a moment, then turned away to look out the window.
“Then you’re very lucky, Silas, very lucky.” Sonya whispered probably more to herself than to him. He wanted to say something to comfort her, but nothing came to him.
“Let’s stop and get some food while we get gas. Maybe after we eat you’ll be able to decide if you really want to go to Huston or not.” Silas said turning off the interstate into a town that apparently no one visited. Silas saw signs advertising jobs for those affected by the dust bowl. “Guess this place doesn’t get many tourist.” Silas mumbled as he pulled into the only restaurant-gas station-hotel-mini-market.
“I think that if your teammates don’t kill me first, the food here will do the job for them.” Sonya said darkly.
“Don’t be so melodramatic, it’s just one of those Mom-and-Pop diners. You’re getting a home cooked meal here.” Silas said doubting himself as he looked inside the store and saw that the shelves were still made of wood instead of those flimsy plastic ones other gas stations used.
“Yeah well Mom and Pop are after my life…ah feels like home.” Sonya mumbled to herself thinking that he couldn’t hear her over the gas pump. Silas frowned at this new insight. He didn’t think her issues with her father were bad enough that she thought he was trying to kill her, but then again he knew very little about her situation.
“I’m going inside to see if they sell baby food for Coral.” Sonya said as she walked toward the store. He wondered if she was protecting the child because she sympathized with her. The gas pump finally dinged signaling that the tank was full, so Silas went inside to pay.
When Silas walked inside he smelled the food that he assumed was “home cooking”. It smelled more like prison slop, and it looked like it was being made by one of the inmates. The next thing he noticed was Sonya exchanging glares with the older woman behind the cashier counter, and they both looked like they were going to throw a punch as soon as the other blinked. Silas quickly walked over to hopefully calm the situation down as fast as he could
“Is there a problem Sonya?” Silas asked smiling at the lady behind the counter.
“Not really, I was just getting ready to buy food for Coral that’s all. I don’t want to eat here by the way the food smells like something you’d find at the bottom of a dumpster.” Sonya said never breaking eye contact with the other woman.
“Well it doesn’t really look like things are all right.” Silas said still doing his best to act normal.
“She just has a problem with me buying baby food I guess. I don’t know how to think without a brain like her. I’ve gotten so use to mine since I went to live with my aunt.” Sonya said finally picking a fight with the woman for some still unknown reason.
“You pickin a fight with me traitor?” The woman snarled accepting her challenge. Silas was suddenly more lost than he had been before.
“Silas we’re leaving. I’m not dealing with this old hag anymore.” Sonya said leaving the food on the counter and started walking toward the door. Silas had no other choice but to follow and try to get her to explain to him what had just happened.
“Sonya what was that about? And I’m not taking this ‘it was nothing’ crap either.” Silas said putting his foot down on the subject.
“Fine. They work for my father and they don’t like me. I didn’t know who they were until I went inside and the woman call me a ‘traitorous whore’. That’s all that happened I swear.” Sonya said as if it were a common occurrence.
“And she called you that why?” Silas asked like she was crazy for acting like it was normal.
“Well because in their eyes, I am. I don’t take it to heart, but it still bugs me which is why I tried to pick a fight. It really isn’t that big of a deal, so don’t worry about it.” Sonya said trying to end the conversation, but he wasn’t going to let her off so easily.
“Why don’t you care? Shouldn’t you be outraged? They don’t know your circumstances. I’m sure you had a good reason to leave your father. I can’t imagine what it is that drove you away from him to the point where you don’t even want to be in the same state as him, but I’m sure it’s justified.” Silas said outraged for her and for some reason she laughed a little. When she laughed, Silas thought his heart nearly burst. She shouldn’t be able to make him act this way!
“What’s so funny?” Silas asked angry not at her but at himself.
“It’s just that…well the whole situation, really. You’re here with me because you’re trying to take Coral back to some secret spy base and I’m actually going to my father for help. And then on top of that you’re trying to make me feel better since that hateful old woman was so rude, but you’re supposed to be my enemy. It’s just the whole crazy situation just feels like it doesn’t make sense anymore and it’s kinda funny.” She said through her giggles. Silas didn’t know what to say to that so he kept quiet and tried not to look at her face while she was laughing. It made his chest feel tight and he wasn’t sure if he liked it.
“Whatever. Let’s just get in the car and go.” Silas said opening the door and sliding into the driver’s seat.
“Why do you get to keep driving? I did just fine earlier so let me drive.” Sonya whined as she got into the passenger’s seat.
“Injured people don’t get to drive themselves, so hush and sit there like a good girl.” Silas answered speeding away from the dilapidated diner and back onto the interstate.
“So if I injure you I can drive? Is that what I hear you saying.” Sonya said apparently beginning to plan some violent act towards him.
“No. I’d still drive even if I was injured, and if you try to injure me I’ll have to punish you again like before.” Silas threatened playfully. While he’d meant it as a joke, she still seemed to take it seriously and tensed up at the memory of what had taken place the night before. This time it was his turn to laugh, only instead of the reaction he’d had she just flipped him off and turned to face the window.

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