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These were a few words i caught with my fish net.
Good night, Mr. Moon;
no, i swear I'm fine.
Just watching my own sitcom re-runs
as i lay asleep and still in my bed.

eyes closed, back against a corner
fingers intertwined and lips together,
you write such pretty words but life isn't a storybook.

behind closed eyelids,
fireworks setting off
&butterflies tearing through stomach tissue.

back against a wall, fingers intertwined
lips together, urges sparking at a rate
faster than we can bottle up.

Unthinkingly charming.

whispering words through phone connections
smiles that are shared between computer screen
&I, solely
your voice is a song weaving its way through my
face revealing itself in every blink

driven me insane, you have
but it's so intoxicating and glorious
i'm not sure i want to give up my newfound addiction.

call me your drug dealer,
i'm here every saturday and sunday by the local McD's
telling stories about how you make me feel
and giving people a glance of the feeling you give me.

can't stop writing words with your name between these lines
i hope you're happy at what you've caused.
spiraling upwards and downwards
i don't care the direction,
so long as it leads back to you.

Secret love notes between school notes
nobody needs to know we're wanted convicts.
forbidden love has never tasted so sweet.
dark fields never meant much anyways.

dear, what have you done?
every song reminds me of you
as my heart aches to be with you.

dear me,
what has he done?

bbay, i think you're in love.
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