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We touch the sky – as limitless as dreams imply…
Life’s Cliffs...

With rising sun
we pray ‘The One’
will be with us ‘till day is done.
For in our lives
as prospects thrive
we dream the dreams that feed our drives.

But choices made
can tend to fade
our inner dreams of life well played.
For living’s hard –
and can bombard!
We strain to see... as God stands guard.

He lies within
through thick and thin.
He fills our hearts, without chagrin.
He shares His gifts;
our souls – uplifts!
He stands with us upon life’s cliffs.

And as we grope
we pray with hope
that we stay tethered to His rope.
For in His grasp
we bow and ask
that we be ready for life’s task.

We all impart
upon the heart
harsh feelings as we shred apart;
our lives – our ways,
our wasted days!
The heaviness of life – it weighs...

We can reach out
within our doubt
to He Who Is – and be devout
to who we are...
His shining stars.
The ones He trusts to journey far.

For purpose found
is so profound.
It sparks the heart as prayers abound!
With wants defined
we leave behind
the need to search – the need to find.

With God on High
we touch the sky
as limitless as dreams imply.
For in His hands
lie master plans.
His love for us – eternal – stands.
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