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this piece has been taken off my blog.travel experiences..
I've been travelling a lot lately...well not exactly to exotic new places or anythin..just goin back n forth frm home n college.anywayz,this involves a lota travelling via bus.and this..on d better days gives a lota time to think.i mean d days where ur not hanging out the door tryin to avoid ppl's elbow,feet,whatevaz from pushin u outta the bus.but even then,as i cling on for dear life, lotta thoughts run thru my brain.most of the time its just "im gonna die i m gonne die im gonna die today!!" then i try to take in everythin i see cos these i figured wud b the last few things i'd see b4 i die - someone's sweaty back of the neck,someone's hairy arm,dirty windows,green streaks outside which turns out to b trees but looks like streaks cos of d speed at which d bus goes.this gets me thinkn of aperture n shutter speed in cameras n the whole oh wow our eye is jsut like a camera thought.
on better days, when i manage to park my behind on a seat,then its not too bad.i still believe that that wud b my last ever journey,nd try to memorize the driver's face so that i can hold him responsible wen i reach up there.i've even recorded a lil goodbye msg to my friends n family on my phone.but then how my phone is gona survive the crash wen i won't...i try not to reason too much.i try to listen to music but even the loudest volume cant seem to drain out the driver's inneccesant honking.i sometimes glare at him so bad as if they'll burn holes at the back of his head n then he'll learn his lesson n regret having honked while i was on board.i generally enjoy d the bumps n jumps of bus travel.i guess i just got used to it.hated it just this once when i jumped up real high from the seat n hit my head on d roof of d bus.other than that i try to see it as a roller coaster ride.its especially fun wen ur standing..my friend n i sumtimes play this game where we gotta stand upright without holding onto anythin on d bus.loadsa fun,but most of d co-passengers never seen to think so.humor-anity is dying nowadays.
another amazing thing is that whenever i start off on some really long trip,my bladder decides to have sum fun with me.it alwayz happens!!!so its like crossed legs for some 5-6 hours until i reach.my worries about dying somehow takes d back seat at that point.
u know how in movies,romances blossom in buses,friends or ppl who inspire ppl to write books,make movies,win nobel peace awards,turn into a new leaf are almost alwayz found in buses.mayb it cos i'm not lookin hard enuff for inspiration in d slightly over-weight ladies who manage to crush me to one side of the wall, or the little kids who like to wipe their snot on my bag or the lady with her head out the window puking the life outta her,which is struggle to keep my life in me while the stench "inspires" me to ape her.the best ones r the old men/women who sits in d seat ahead of urs n spits their paan or whateva out the window every half hour n it comes flyin onto ur face...splat!!yes..such is the joys of bus travel.
and no bus is complete without mr.itchy fingers!!those self-respecting men who cant seem to keep their hands,feet,fingers,elbows or whatevaz to themselves.i stare at them long enuff to memorize their faces so that in my next life i'll b born as their mom n trust me,i wudnt bet on winnin d mom of the year award then.
i prefer buses to trains though.trains confuse me.too many things to remember.but then even in case of buses,i have a tough time tryin to remember where im supposed to get off.n i do get off in d middle of nowhere everyonce in a while n have a panic attack.but nowadays i just decide beforehand what i m gona do if i get down where by mistake.its all planned.
other than i luv the window seat.love the strong blast of wind hittin my face (i like it spit free,though), luv it even more wen it rains..not too much..just enuff to make me smile each time a water droplet hits my face.which the person sittin next to me mite find a tad bit creepy.but i dunt care.its one of d few things i enjoy bout those times.i like lukin at ppl on board with me n tryin to figure out wat their name is n where they're goin.i neverbother askin cos i really dunt care.its so much easier to make it up.
so thats all bout my travelling adventure..i ve never really had an adventure to talk off during travel.had pretty boring travel experiences.unless its with friends.then its a whole different story.tell ya mayb sum other time.. ta!
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