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a poem about struggles in love


The corners of my mind
Search for answers I can't find
Are they hidden somewhere deep
Within the conscious thoughts of sleep
So much hardship gathered there
It's a pain that I can't bare
Still it keeps on winding back
Back to the hours of despair
Sometimes it only takes a word,
A slip of someone else's tongue
To push me over the edge
To where my tortured life begun.
Never part of a circle,any club, any crowd
I was clinging to the hope
Someone would see me, pull me out,
Take my hand, raise me up
from the pit I fell into
That I was not a foreign thing,
Or someone invisible-
But they saw my soul; Fragile and weak
They tore it in two before I had the chance to speak.
Years go on and the days pass by
Still the haunting comes back
Just to see if I still cry
Just to see if part of me won't let the hatred go
The bitterness caused by those that claim they weren't to know
Because its just too easy to deny,
After days and months and years gone by.
But I'm not the girl I was before
She's gone, she's dead, Goodbye!
You broke me then but I'm whole again
And you will never see me cry.

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