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companion poems with Verbum Dragon
"Invalid Item by Verbum Dragon

Tonight we will explore our
Bounce within these corners
That make us strangers in
This city that offers nothing

But temporary acquaintances
Found in smoky joints where
The volume of voices drown
Soft melodies from our hearts.

We speak with the eloquence
Of our knees and our glances
Until we understand our own
Loneliness mocked by cheers

Of carefree revelers drinking
Sex on the Beach, In between
the Sheets
, Wild Lemon Fizz

As topless dancers exuberate.

Enough of these distractions
Let us probe our own limits
And see if our own question
Will save or forever leave us.

Come let us break the divides
Of these lonely rented rooms
The owner may drive us out
But that won't be until morn.

"Broken [18+] by destinydances

Tonight we will explore our
Regrets inside these walls,
With a brotherhood of strangers
Whose names will be forgotten

Long before last call.
The unintelligible drone
Of a spirited choir
In an unregarding city

Will pacify our longing.
Our backs are to the wall.
In a fleeting kinship of
"this one's on me"

Our regrets are smothered in
Fuzzy Navels, Mud Slides
And Slippery Nipples
Until our pockets are empty.

The distractions are waning.
The answers we sought are
As elusive as the original questions.
We can stay here all night.

Perhaps in the morning
We will spy a glimpse of them
Sitting on the curb
Hand in hand with our regrets.

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