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What drives inner hatred? Who teaches hate? Who carries the hate?
Blind Lies...

Thou art the Source of all that is.
What`s Yours is mine.  What`s mine is his -
But tell me, God, how this can be
When hatred runs so blindly free?
We`re all split up! We`re sick with pride
With practices that subdivide
Our cultures in our vain, old ways…
They shroud us in a sightless haze.

We must be careful in this world
With accusations cast and hurled.
For most are built on ageless lies -
True hatred in its grand disguise…
We use it in our daily speech.
Our words spill out - we cruelly teach
Our loved ones how to use them well -
It`s making life a bloody hell.

Let`s take the quandary of the Jew;
For in the world we number few.
In truth, far less than one percent...
So where`s the threat we represent?
And yet the ages have amassed
A hate for Jews that`s unsurpassed
In anything the world has seen!
It’s such a miserable routine.

They say we are inferior -
Then say we act superior!
With all their nasty rhetoric
We`re cast upon an oil slick
Of untold lies that grease the mind
With thoughts that leave a wise man blind!
And so by this their brains are fed -
With poison racing through their heads.

It comes out hard.  It comes out mean -
They say the Jew is one unclean
In spirit and in living life.
They say we cause ungodly strife…
“It is the Jews that make us weak.
'Tis power that they mainly seek.
They want to rule the world and kill
Our cultures - hence, their blood must spill!”

How can one fight such heinous foes?
They know not what they think they know.
And yet they gather up their swords
To kill - thus earn their just rewards.
How sad are they who cannot see
The stains of their iniquities;
Their mores reek. They rashly seek
A truth unclear - and thus - oblique.

Dear God, how can we work this out?
Who has the foresight and the clout
To make things right, to fix the wrongs;
To make our cultures safe and strong?
We humans are in need of aid;
Without Thy help we`ll sink and fade
Into the realm of species, lost -
Our hate could be our highest cost.

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