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A action/giantess story as Mario, Luigi, and Link set out to stop their motal enemies.
I don't own the characters, settings, or anything that relates to the Mario series or Zelda series, I own just the plot of the story. Copyright goes to Nintendo. This takes place after Galaxy and Twilight Princess. Story will be updated every week. Some games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Paper Mario have elements that are included.

Chapter 1: Intro

It was a normal day in the land of Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach was awakened by the sound of chirping birds. She woke up and looked around. She decided to get her day started. Toadsworth, the princess's most trusted adviser, walked in her room. "Princess," Toadsworth said. "How are you this morning?" "I am fine, thank you." Was the reply from the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom.

In Sarasaland, Princess Daisy was resting. She woke up, and decided to pay a visit to her best friend, Princess Peach. Daisy didn't do anything of much in Sarasaland. She didn't have as open things to do like Peach can do. She would mostly reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. She did join Peach whenever she had an event and visited her in her free time. Otherwise, Sarasaland was boring.

Meanwhile, the two most famous (and probably only) plumbers in the Mushroom Kingdom were just waking up. Mario and Luigi, who were in bunk beds, had decided to shower.

"Luigi."Mario said. "I think we should get ready for the day."

"I'll make us some breakfast." Luigi said. "How do eggs, bacon, and pancakes sound?"

"Sounds good." Mario said. He made his way to the shower.

In Hyrule, Princess Zelda woke up. She looked out of her window. She saw the townsfolk, going about their errands. She decided to spend a day with Link, after freeing the land from Ganondorf and the Twilight. Link had adjusted to life in Hyrule. He did often go back to his hometown of Ordon, where he would visit his friends and impress them with his skills. Link had a slight crush on Zelda.

Bowser, King of the Koopas, was looking for a way to take over Mushroom Kingdom. He was frustrated about Mario defeating him all the time. He was looking in archives of powerful villains. He came across Ganondorf's bio. A smile came across his face as he set out to Hyrule to free Ganondorf.

Chapter 2: The Koopa King And The King of Evil UNITE!

Princess Peach was going around Toad Town, which was Mushroom Kingdom's largest city. Most of the Toads, some Koopas, and some Goombas reside here. Peach was a good leader of the kingdom, and most of the people approved her. Her approval rating was about at 95%. Peach listened to the problems of the people, and always would respond as soon as possible. Princess Daisy came to Peach's Castle. She had walked inside. Daisy was given the same respect as Peach around the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach came down the stairs to greet her friend.

"Hey there Daisy!" Peach said. "I didn't expect you today."

"Hey Peach." Daisy said. "Yeah, I was bored. Want to just hangout?

"Sure." Peach said. "Let's go to the spa section of the castle.

At Hyrule, Princess Zelda had given Link the day off, and Link set out to do his daily crossbow training. Princess Zelda was feeling unsure about something. She didn't pay it as much attention, but kept it in the back of her mind.

Bowser had just arrived in Hyrule. He had read that Ganondorf was sealed in the Temple of Time. Anyone could break this seal, but no one ever did. Bowser brought his army, just in case any trouble was to start upon entering. He would have to pass through the Main Hyrule gate to get through to the Temple of Time. Bowser used his magic to get to the door of the Temple. Bowser did make it through the gate, but two Hyrulian guards stopped him. Bowser had made short work of them by burning the two guards, and having a Shy Guy bag them. Bowser then muscled his way into the temple. Inside, Bowser and his troops moved on ahead. Bowser had traveled through the dark temple. Soon, he had made it to the bottom, where Ganondorf was sealed. Bowser couldn't wait to free him, using his own magic to free Ganondorf.

"I am free!" Ganondorf said. "You must be the one to have freed me. But....why?"

"I think if we work together, we should be able to get what we want." Bowser started. "I want to defeat a pest and his princess that has ruined my plans for years now. I have read about you. You want to get revenge on Hyrule and rid of Princess Zelda and Link."

"Yes." Ganondorf said. "I like where you’re going with this. What's your plan?"

"I was thinking that we should make the beauties into giants." Bowser said. "They could destroy both of the Kingdoms, and they could be under our control."

"It's a plan." Ganondorf said. "Let's put it into action."

Chapter 3: Capture.

We now go back to Mario and Luigi, who are getting ready to go see Peach. Luigi had decided to tag along, since Daisy was there. Luigi had this huge crush on Daisy, and he could not wait to see her. Daisy also felt the same about Luigi, but both of them never got a chance to express it. So the two started to make their way toward the castle, which wasn't far off. They soon arrived at the door, Peach and Daisy greeting them.

"Mario and Luigi, how are you guys?" Peach said.

"Good." Mario said.

"Fine." Luigi said. "Hi Daisy."

"Hello, Luigi." Daisy said.

"Why if it isn't Master Mario and Master Luigi!" Toadsworth said. "Would you boys require something?"

"No sir." Mario said.

"Thanks for asking." Luigi said.

"Now boys, let's go ahead and take a swim, shall we?" Peach said.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said.

"Here are your swimming shorts, boys." Peach said. "We will be changing in the Ladies room."

"See you guys out at the pool!" Daisy said.

"Later!" Luigi said.

"Luigi, why don't you take a chance at Daisy?" Mario said, while they were walking toward the Men's room. "She is like the answer to your Peach."

"I don't know, Bro." Luigi said. "I don't know if I should make the move, or wait for her to make a move."

"Let's try in the swimming pool, Luigi." Mario said. "You should be able to talk to her there."

"Yeah..." Luigi said.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Ganondorf started their plan, to retrieve the princesses. Bowser made sure that this was a quiet capture, so he transported to where Peach was, which was the swimming pool. Peach and Daisy were just sitting in the pool, talking about how Daisy needs to date Luigi. Bowser came through a portal with flames, arriving in front of the two princesses.

"Jackpot!" Bowser said.

"Wha-" Peach said, as she turned to see Bowser, who threw her in the portal.
"AHHH-" Daisy started to scream in horror.

Bowser took both of the princesses, and vanished in an instant. Mario and Luigi were starting to come out of the Men's room, in their swimming shorts, and Toadsworth came running toward the plumbers in a hurried rush.

"Master Mario and Master Luigi!" Toadsworth started. "The Princesses have been kidnapped by Bowser! I came in the swimming area, and saw him throwing both of them into this portal that transported them to somewhere."

"Wait. Did you say princesses?" Mario said.

"Yes, Daisy has been captured too." Toadsworth said.

"Not Daisy..." Luigi said. "Mario, I think I might accompany you this time. I want to help you, and also save Daisy."

"Bowser, you have done it again." Mario said. "Sure you can come Luigi. I could use extra help. But... how will we find Bowser?"

"Master Mario, I would suggest you two see the Star Spirits, as they might be able to help you." Toadsworth said.

"Come on, Luigi. We are going to make a trip to Star Summit." Mario said.

On Link's side of things, he was on his way back visiting from Ordon, and was riding Epona back to Hyrule Castle. Zelda was taking care of business affairs in her room. She was having a good day, and it seemed nothing would go wrong. However, Ganondorf arrived through a dark portal, and he saw Zelda.

"Ganondorf! I thought Link and I sealed you!" Zelda said.

"Heh, Princess, I was freed." Ganondorf said. "And now, you are coming with me."

"Link will stop you again." Zelda said.

"You're the one who might end his life!" Ganondorf said.

And with that he took Zelda. Link was halfway across Hyrule Field, when suddenly, Ordona, the light spirit in Ordon, tells Link of Zelda's capture.

"Link, I speak to you in your mind. Ganondorf has been freed from his seal. He has also taken Princess Zelda again. I can't tell you exactly where he is. I would suggest that you go to the Temple of Time to find out more."

Chapter 4: The Journey.

Mario and Luigi were heading to Star Summit, where the Star Spirits were. Mario was determined to free Peach from Bowser, and with Luigi by his side, Mario was confident that this wasn't going to be long of a journey. Luigi, who wasn't included in any of his recent brother's adventures, was determined to help his brother and save Daisy. Luigi couldn't bear it if something bad had happened to Daisy. The Mario Brothers ended up on Star Summit. The elder of all the Star Spirits, Eldstar appeared before Mario and Luigi.

"Mario and Luigi. I thought that you might need my wisdom." Eldstar said.

"Yes." Mario said. "I need to know where Bowser is."

"Princess Peach and Princess Daisy has been kidnapped." Luigi said.

"Yes. But I have bad news. I have no idea where Bowser is." Eldstar said. "And he has an ally, a powerful one at that. You must also find a warrior. His name is Link. He will be able to help you. Look for him. This will be one of your first steps to finding the Princesses.

"Will this Link be able to help us?" Mario said.

"Yes." Eldstar said. "You will find out more on your Journey."

"Thank you, Eldstar." Luigi said.

And with that, the Mario Bros. started to head out of the Mushroom Kingdom, and heading out. Mario and Luigi were on another adventure, possibly one of their greatest and dangerous of adventures.

Link had just arrived at the Temple of Time, where the Light Spirits met. Ordona, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru were here.

"Link as Ordona told you, Zelda has been kidnapped and Ganondorf is on the loose again." Faron said.

"It seems that someone had freed him. And THAT someone is with him." Eldin said.

"It is up to you to stop him, Link." Lanayru said.

"Link, you must meet up with two people who aren't from Hyrule." Ordona said. "They will be dressed differently, and you must travel outside of Hyrule. You will receive more guidance when you meet up with them."

With this, Link left the temple, and used Horse Grass to call on his faithful steed, Epona. With the Master Sword in hand, Link and Epona set out, on a mission to stop Ganondorf again.

Chapter 5: The Land of Sajasa Desert.

Mario and Luigi came across a new land. It was different than other lands they had traveled across. It was the Sajasa Desert, a long, long, LONG, desert that part both the kingdoms of Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. Link had also settled in the land of the Sajasa Desert. Link had to transform into his Wolf Link form. Link kept this just in case it was needed. And Link was sure that turning into wolf form was in handy this time around. Link started to run off, searching for the two plumbers.

Meanwhile, Bowser and Ganondorf were thinking on how to proceed in their plans.

"Ganondorf, What if we take over the kingdoms and then release the giant princesses?" Bowser said.

"That would be good, but I was thinking that we could take this from a sneaky approach." Ganondorf said. "I think that if we have the princesses back in their respective places, then we should be able to grow them from there. This way, we can remain as if I wasn't released, and you aren't doing anything."

"Good idea!" Bowser said. "No wonder they call you the King of Evil."

"Thanks." Ganondorf said. "It's also nice to have a fellow villain to praise someone else. You aren't half bad yourself, Bowser. You are persistent to rid yourself of Mario."

The princesses were in a cell, provided by Bowser, who set their hideout in the sky, where no one could see it. The 3 princesses told each other about their long ancestors and how their kingdoms were. They became great friends so fast. It was a castle, and a huge one. Both troops came from Both Bowser and Ganondorf.

"So, you're the ruler of Hyrule?" Peach said.

"Yes, and it seems that you're the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom." Zelda said. "Princess Daisy, you said you're the ruler of Sarasaland? Never heard of it."

"Yeah. And it's a heck of a lot boring...." Daisy said.

"I hope Mario comes to save us soon." Peach said. "But what if Link and Mario team up?"

"That would be great, given that Mario has Star Power from the Star Rod, and Link has the Triforce of Courage." Zelda said. "They would be a great force."

"I wonder if Luigi came?" Daisy said.

We head back to the Mario Bros.

"Mario, when we find this Link, we will kick Bowser's butt!" Luigi said.

"Don't get too excited, my brother." Mario said. "We don't know what lies ahead of us."

Just then, a huge monster came from the ground. It was a different monster, different from any enemy that Mario or Luigi has faced. It was 50 feet tall, had a somewhat muscular look had hind legs, and it had a monstrous head. The fact that it wielded a sword in its paws made it a huge threat. Link was walking in the distance. Link saw the monster, and started running towards it.

Chapter 6: The Plumbers and The Hero of Light Meet.

"M-Mario, what do we do against this monster?" Luigi said.
"Hmmmm. Maybe if we are able to somehow get rid of these swords, maybe we will be able to have a chance." Mario said. "Luigi, you take out the legs, and I will take the head. Here, take my hammer."
"I'll do my best, Mario." Luigi said. "Be careful."

The beast roared as Mario started to approach it, and Luigi was swinging away at it. They jumped and dodged the sword attacks that the monster tried to deal them. Link was just approaching the fight. Mario was the one to spot Link first. Link looked at the two plumbers. He didn't know if they were the two people he had been looking for, but Mario and Luigi didn't take it that way.

"Luigi, there's a wolf behind you!" Mario said. "Look out!"

Luigi heard this, and quickly turned around to see Link, still in his wolf form. Luigi started to run toward Link, who was quickly dealt a blow from the hammer. Link started to lunge at Luigi, trying to bite him. Then time froze, except for Mario, Luigi, and Link. Then Eldstar and Ordona appeared.

"Mario and Luigi, this is Link." Eldstar said.

"And those two are the ones you're looking for Link. They are Mario and Luigi." Ordona said.

"Oh..." Luigi said. "We thought he was a beast trying to kill us."

"And isn't he a warrior?" Mario said.

Link transformed back into his human form.

"I guess that explains everything." Mario said.

"Not quite." Ordona said. "Mario, Luigi, and Link. There are more challenges that lie ahead of you. Bowser and Ganondorf are nowhere to be found though."

"But all hope isn't lost though." Eldstar said. "Which is why the Star Spirits and the Light Spirits have come together to combat this problem. In order to gain access to Bowser and Ganondorf, you guys must vanquish 8 beasts each containing a power orb that you must obtain. These powers are very scared, and don't belong to Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom. The orbs form something called the Nortune to Light."

"Will this journey take us to unknown lands?" Luigi said.

"This will take you to many lands outside of both of your respective kingdoms." Ordona said. "We will guide you throughout your journey. And the journey will be a long one. Now, take down this monster together."

"Go forth, the Heroes of Star Power and the Hero of Light, and save the princesses!" Eldstar said.

Time then resumed. The monster looked down on the three heroes.

"Ready, Luigi?" Mario said.

"Let's-a-go!" Luigi said.

"You ready, Link?" Mario said.

Link simply nodded at Mario.

"Not a talker, huh?" Mario said.

Link nodded again.

"Ok then, let's-a-go!" Mario said.

Chapter 7: Death to the Beast!

Mario, Luigi, and Link were looking at the monster, and the three heroes started to dash toward it. Link got on Epona, and rode her toward the monster. The fearsome beast started to swing its swords once more. Link was able to move away from it, and started to aim for its legs. Mario was heading toward the monster's head, trying to climb on, and when it bent down, Mario saw his chance, and jumped on top of its back. Luigi was bending down, and charging his Green Missile attack. Link was slashing away at the beast as he rode Epona, hitting its hind legs. Mario was charging a fireball atop the monsters back. And Luigi was standing by, waiting for his opportunity to strike. Then, the finishing part came. Link's efforts set the beast's legs out of play, as Mario used a powerful fireball attack to stun it, then Luigi fired off in the direction of the beast's stomach, as he misfired, increasing his attack power. Link finished the beast off with an ending blow on its head.

The monster was now defeated, roaring in pain. The beast vanished into nothingness.

"We did it!" Mario said. "Good job, Luigi."
"Thanks bro." Luigi said.

Link then came riding to Mario and Luigi.
"Don't forget Link." Luigi said. "He was great."
"Of course. Thanks for assisting us, Link." Mario said.

Link nodded, and then all three heroes looked off in the distance, with a determined look on each of their faces.

"Princesses," Mario said. "We're coming."

Meanwhile, Bowser and Ganondorf were getting ready for the attack on Hyrule and Mushroom Kingdom.

"Ok, let's give them the growth power." Ganondorf said. "The three heroes have met, and this would be a great time to send them out to their beloved heroes."

"Let's have them take them to an area where they are suffering quietly." Bowser said. "That way, our take over isn't noticed by the heroes."

Chapter 8: Growth.

"I do hope that Mario is okay." Peach said.

"I hope that Link is okay as well." Zelda said.

"Luigi, I hope he is okay." Daisy said. "I feel bad for not telling him how I really feel about him."

"Daisy, I bet Luigi is coming, trying to be your knight in shining armor." Zelda said.

"Yes." Peach said. "If he cares about you as much as Mario cares about me, he will come."

The princesses were still in their locked prison, dreading over their capture. Soon enough, Ganondorf approached.

"Princesses, would you like something to drink?" Ganondorf said.

"Why are you being so polite?" Zelda said.

"What? A master of evil can't be polite here and there?" Ganondorf said. "Anyways, here's some tea Bowser made. He and I were feeling generous today."

He handed each princess a cup through their cell bars.

"Enjoy." Ganondorf left.

"Wonder why he was being so nice." Daisy said.

"Oh well, let's just drink our tea." Peach said.

And they did. Little did the princesses know that a growth change was about to happen. Bowser and Ganondorf had spiked their drinks. The princesses started to feel woozy, dizzy, and little bit more moody than usual. They ended up falling on the floor, being knocked out.

"Yes!" Bowser said. "Now we can take over the kingdoms!"

"That's right." Ganondorf said. "But we should get some power, right?"

"Hmmmm." Bowser said. "We could, but how? I used the Star Rod before, and I can't harness it anymore."

"Come now, Bowser." Ganondorf said. "We're going to pay another visit to Star Summit."

"Oh, I get it." Bowser said. "I'll teleport the princesses in their kingdoms. Then, we will head to the summit."

The princesses were in their castles, sleeping. However, they started to grow in a slow fashion. They started to expand. Their feet busted out of their shoes, their dresses turned to shreds, and they slowly got bigger and bigger. Their kingdoms were in for a surprise when they woke up.

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, and Link were riding Epona. It was a tight squeeze, but they somehow managed. They were out of the desert, and were heading into a snowy land.

"Mario, where are we?" Luigi said.

"I don't know," Mario said. "But it seems it's a new location. Link, have you been here before?"

Link shook his head, indicating that he hasn't been around this new land before.

"I know we have been around some snowy places, but this one takes the cake." Mario said.

"Guess we will have to explore." Luigi said.

Chapter 9: The Yukon Peak.

"Alright," Mario said. "Let's climb."

Mario and Luigi started to climb, but then noticed Link not following.

"Link," Mario said," Any reason you're not climbing up?"

Link pulled out his Clawshots.

"Nice." Luigi said. "He came prepared."

Link smiled, and nodded.

"I like this guy," Mario said. "Alright, boys...Lets do this."

Mario and Luigi jumped up the peak the old fashioned way, while Link used his Clawshots to grapple to ledges and pull himself up, time after time. It was windy, cold, and ice frozen. But these three were warmed up by their heart and determination to save their beloveds.

Chapter 10: Confused Princesses, Evil Rulers.

Peach was about to wake up to a nightmare, and she wouldn't have approved of it. Peach yawned, and her yawn slightly shook the kingdom. Peach rubbed her eyes, and then it hit her.

"W-What's going on?" The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom said. "Why- How- Why am I so big??"

Her dress was still intact, but there were shreds and rips all over it. She looked down, as all the people in her Kingdom were in panic mode. Koopas hid in their shells, and started to spin off. Toads were hitting the road, trying to take refuge in other distant lands, while some of her guards were going to confront her.

"Giant Monster, you must stop your rampage, immediately!" A lead guard said.

"B-B-But it's me, Peach." Peach was in total shock. "I would never- I mean-I don't know how this happened!"

She then stood up and took a step back, and she stepped on a few townsfolk, and they were in this case, now "peeled" to her foot. She looked down, seeing the damage she inadverntly caused. She was sick. She accidently took the lives of her own people, at her new 150 foot height.

"You just stepped on some people, Monster!" the lead guard screamed, "Stop or we will use FORCE."

Peach was on the verge of tears. She was being called a monster, as she would never have thought to be called such a name. Peach in her mind wouldn't do anything like this.

"I didn't-" Peach stopped as she saw one tear fell from her eye, and it hit the ground, causing a semi-small flood to occur, and many people were engulfed in her tear, and Peach quickly wiped her eyes to avoid hurting more people.

"We warned you."

Meanwhile, in Hyrule.

Zelda was mumbling in her sleep, notably things like "Ganon won't win," and "Ohh, Link were are you?" She was obviously worried about what Ganon and Bowser were planning. However, she would have to worry about herself and her kingdom.

An arrow stuck Zelda in the eye, and she started to stretch... taking out a few homes of the village people, the royal garden of Hyrule Castle, and the main marketplace. Zelda was shocked at the scene, wondering how she grew to such a monstrous size. But her eyes turned dark purple...and an evil smile crept across her face.

"Um, Sire?" a Hyrulian Guard was approaching the commander.

"You have permission to speak." the commander replied.

"Princess Zelda took out some outside villages and ....well-" The guard was interrupted

"That's ridiculous!" The commander said. "Why would she do such a thing, and on top of that, she wouldn't command us to do it."

"That's the thing..." the guard continued. "She's the size of giant. She took out some villages, the main marketplace in the palace, and the royal court yard. Some of your other men are attacking her was we speak."

"Again, that's-" The commander then turned away to the window, only to see the Princess of Hyrule crushing about 20 of his men. "Listen, tell the people of Hyrule to evacuate and seek refuge to our neighboring cities where the Gorons and Zoras reside. We might need the entire field to combat this monster."

"R-Right!" The guard said. "Anything else?"

"Just make sure people get out alive. It's our duty to protect this kingdom. We need to take out the Princess before there are more casualties...I'm not sure if we can save the palace."

"I'll stock on supplies!"

"At this rate we might need the whole armory and then some...."

Chapter 11: Coming Soon!
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