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Myst and Titan go trick-or-treating as superheroes.
A Titanic Halloween

Mr. Johnson paced around the classroom as he tried to sum up his lecture as he looked up at the large, round clock which hung from the classroom wall, indicating that it was almost the end of the period.

“So, remember, the Japanese attacked our fleet of warships in Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941. This act brought the United States into World War II for the first time…” he said, just as the bell rang loudly.

Almost all students quickly hurried out the door, followed by the teacher, leaving just two boys in the quiet, empty classroom.  A slender, but athletically built red-headed teen and a stocky slightly shorter boy remained behind talking.

“Jake! So, what are you gonna do? Today’s Halloween! Are you going trick-or-treating with us?” Robby asked his friend.

“Yeah… I wanted to swing by Ethan and Erik’s place first…” Jake said, as he unzipped his backpack and began collecting his supplies from his desk.

“Let me give you a hand with all your things!” Robby gleamed as suddenly a faint aura surrounded Jake’s pens and notebook as they suddenly began to levitate off his desk and float right into Jake’s backpack, sliding right into the opened pouch. Then, just like magic, the zipper closed as soon as the notebook had landed inside of the larger pouch.  Robby then manipulated the backpack with a command from his mind, causing it to lift off the back of the chair, float over, and slide over the shoulder of its owner.

“Thanks, bro!” Jake grinned. “You think of everything, huh?”

“Well, I’m going to “jump” you back to your room so you can drop your things off and change you into your Titan uniform… Sounds like a plan?” the redheaded teen replied.

“You read my mind, bro!” Jake grinned. “Send me home!”

“Remember: You’re going trick-or-treating with me and Madison later! Don’t forget!” Robby reminded Jake.

Suddenly Jake was overcome with a faint tingling sensation in his chest, which usually meant that he was about to slip through space and time. “See ya later!” giggled Robby as a thick cloud of mist formed around the muscular youth.

Jake vanished into thin air, thanks to Robby’s ability to manipulate matter through the space-time continuum.  Robby is a special kind of being; he is a mutant with the ability to open portals that allow him and others to slip literally through dimensions to any point on earth in the blink of an eye.  The smoke billowed up in Jake’s bedroom as he stepped out of the cloud.

“I love it when he does that!” Jake laughed, as he pulled his backpack from his shoulders and tossed it on the floor next to his desk. “This beats riding the bus every day!”

Jake was overcome by a similar feeling as he felt his familiar Red white and blue costume replace his street clothes.  He spun around and looked in the mirror; the astonishing figure of Titan was staring back at him.

“One thing about Robby… He always does exactly what he says he’ll do!” he laughed, as he admired his reflection in the mirror. In the place of Jake Knight now stood Titan, wearing the red and blue uniform with the silver gauntlets over his arms and the white boots.

He was about to walk out to the balcony when he heard his brother’s voice coming from the front door, down below.  Jake had almost forgotten to check on his little brother.

“Hey Jake! JAKE! Are you home?” Madison shouted.

Titan raced down the stairs at super speed and appeared in the living room, materializing right before his little brother, who had just gotten home from school.

“Hi, Maddie!” the superhero said as he greeted his brother.

“Hey bro! Are we still going trick-or-treating later on?” Madison asked him.

“You bet, Maddie!” Titan replied. “I guess we’re still dressing up as cowboys, right?”

“Yeah!” Madison replied sternly. “I don’t want you to go trick-or-treating with me as Titan! That’s no fun!”

“Don’t worry, bro!” Titan replied. “I’ll change into my cowboy costume as soon as I get back, alright?”

“Sure… But, where are you going?”

“I’m just going to say hi to Ethan and Erik.  I have not seen them in a while… I’ll be right back!” Titan said, as he slowly walked back up the stairs.

“Alright… But, don’t forget about me or I’ll ask Robby to teleport you home if you don’t come back in time!” Madison warned his older brother.

“That’s fine…” Titan chuckled, before he walked out on the balcony. “I’ll be back in a few minutes!” Titan then stretched out his mighty arms and leaped into the air, taking off into the sky.

It was an unusually warm day, in late October, and a lone indigo clad figure stood on a rooftop ledge overlooking The Nation’s capital, Washington DC.  Thoughts plagued the young hero as he stood vigilant guard over his new hometown.  He missed his friends from back home.  Even with his amazing mutant abilities, the young man still did not get back much to see everyone he left behind a few months ago.

Myst stood up, turning his head to look over his shoulder, as he noticed a short, well built, crimson clad figure land behind him.

“Penny for your thoughts bro” stated Titan as he walked towards his blood brother.

“I kinda miss home, Jake” Myst said as he tugged on his mask and the techno-symbiotic fabric took its cue and melted away, revealing the freckled face of Robby McCloud.

A light bulb went off in the mighty boy’s mind. “Hey, instead of trick-or-treating here in DC, why don’t we grab Brandon and you can teleport us to Boston?  Why not surprise your cousin Petey and your friend Derrick?” asked Jake as he put his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“That is the best idea I have heard about in a while, cool” exclaimed Robby. “You still heading over to Eric and Ethan’s?” he inquired.

“Yeah, gotta fly.  See ya soon” He said as he took to the sky.

The flying teen then made his way skillfully through the air to the neighborhood where his friends Jesse, Ethan, Nathaniel and Erik live. Titan usually visited his friends to go skating with them.  Unfortunately, the super powered youth has not had much time for skating with the arrival of Thadius Malcolm.  He just wanted to come over and wish them a happy Halloween.

Titan found Ethan’s house from the sky, he circled around and landed right by the front door, touching down on the welcome mat. He then rang the doorbell and smiled as Ethan’s mother opened the door with a warm returning grin.

“Ethan! Titan is here to see you!” she said.

“Dude! You made it!” Ethan said, as he came from his bedroom wearing a black Ninja outfit. “You’re just in time! We’re going to hit the neighbors early this year!”  the young Samoan descendant teen exclaimed.

Ethan then grabbed two plastic pumpkins in the kitchen and handed one to Titan. The two kids shared a lot of common interests.  When Jake visited them as Titan for the first time, he was in awe of Ethan’s extensive CD and video game collection. “Here! Hold this! You’ll need this to collect all your candy! And with your costume, you’ll collect a ton of loot!”

“Huh? You want me to go trick-or-treating? Now? With you?” Titan asked him with worry that he would not make it back to go trick-or-treating with his brother and blood brother.

“Sure! We’ll get tons of candy!” Ethan replied excitedly.

“But… But I’m not wearing my costume!” Titan said, as he extended both his muscular arms sideways. Immediately after he said that, he realized how silly he sounded. “I mean… I know I’m wearing my uniform, but… It’s not for Halloween! You know what I mean?”

Ethan just folded his arms and gave Titan a bewildered look.

“You could have fooled me! Your uniform is perfect as a costume! You look fine! Look, here come Jesse, Erik and Nate!”

Titan turned around, he spotted the other members of the Silver Street Skater’s Club approaching them as they came walking down the street. This time, however, they weren’t dressed in their skate-gear, but in their Halloween costumes! Erik was dressed as a pirate, Jesse was dressed as a vampire, and Nathan was dressed as a police officer.

“Oh cool! Titan’s going with us? He’s already in his costume so we’re all ready to go!” Erik chuckled.

“Well, I can’t stay for very long… Just for a little while…” Titan replied, as Jesse and Nathan were walking up to the first house and rang the doorbell.

“Come on guys! Get over here!” Jesse shouted at Titan and Ethan, signaling for them to join the rest of the group at the front door of the house before the owner of the house opened the door. They quickly ran over to the group and joined them just in time, when the door opened and an elderly couple greeted the five costumed boys.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!!” all five boys shouted in unison, including Titan. He just decided to play along. After all, it made him feel part of the group. Since everybody else was also wearing a costume, it almost made him feel like a normal kid again. For once, he didn’t stand out from the other four boys.

“Oh my goodness, look at you! We got five boys!” the woman said, who opened the door. She commented on each boy’s costume as she dropped a few candy bars in every boy’s bucket.

“Oh you look wonderful… I guess you’re a police officer… Ahh and here’s a candy bar for the pirate… Here’s one for Dracula… and I guess you’re a Ninja!” she said to Ethan as she dropped two chocolate bars in Ethan’s bucket.

“Thank you!” Ethan said, before he moved out of the way, leaving Titan as the last one to get a candy bar from the elderly woman.

“Oh my… What have we here?” the woman said, as she examined Titan from head to toe.

“Hi… I-I’m Titan!” Titan said shyly.

“Oh my goodness! What a beautiful costume you have there, young man!” the person said, as she reached out and touched the diamond insignia that was emblazoned upon his chest. “Very detailed, indeed! Your costume almost looks real!”

“Oh… Uhmm… Thanks!”

“WOW!  All those muscles!” she said, when she noticed Titan’s biceps. “You look like that flying boy on TV who’s always rescuing people! In fact, you look JUST like him! Are those muscles for real? Or are they part of your costume?” she asked, as she dropped two candy bars in Titan’s bucket.

Just then, Jesse and Nathan had started to walk to the next house. They had already reached the front door, and they shouted at the others to hurry up.

“Come on, you guys! Hurry up!” Jesse shouted.

“Umm… Thanks for the candy… I have to go now… My friends are waiting for me!” Titan said shyly, as he turned and realized that the others were waiting for him at the house next door. He breathed a sigh of relief, in a way; for he didn’t want to give away that he was in fact the REAL Titan.

“Well, you move right along, Titan… You have a lovely costume, my boy! Have fun tonight!” the lady said, as she closed the door.

Titan quickly jogged over to the next house, where the other boys were waiting. The door had just opened, and a young couple opened up.

“TRICK OR TREAT!!!” all five boys shouted again, and in unison. The lady was about to hand them their candy, when she looked down and noticed her carved-out pumpkin, which was standing on the ground.

“Oh dear, we forgot to light our candle in the pumpkin! We’ll be right back! We need to get a match so we can light the candle…” the lady said, before she closed the door.

“You know, I could easily light the candle for them…” Titan whispered to his four friends.

“Go for it, dude!” Ethan persuaded the young superhero.

Unknown to Titan, there was a glass panel right besides the door. The lady had returned with a match in her hand, and she was about to open the door, when she saw Titan aim his finger at the candle in the pumpkin, and allow a thin ray of plasma energy to come from his finger tip and strike the wick at the top of the candle, lighting it immediately!  Just at that moment, she opened the door and saw that the candle in the pumpkin was lit!

“Ohmygosh!” the woman gasped. “You! How… How did you do that?” she said to Titan.

“It’s one of my powers…” Titan said honestly.

“Tonight is Halloween! These kids should all be dressed up for Halloween! I only give out candy to those who are dressed up for the occasion! You’re not even dressed up! I’m not giving you anything! You’re for real! You’re the real Titan!” the lady said to the teen superhero.

“I-I’m sorry…” Titan said, as he backed off and walked away from the house.

The lady then gave candy to Ethan, who immediately ran over to Titan.

“Hey! Cheer up, dude! Don’t mind her! She’s so mean!” Ethan said to Titan. “You shouldn’t have lit that candle… That kinda gave you away… Don’t worry about it! We’ll go to the next house!”

“Dude! This is a mistake! I shouldn’t be doing this! I’m not dressed up for Halloween! I’m tricking people into thinking I’m some ordinary kid who is dressed up as Titan when I really am Titan!” Titan said to his best friend. “That’s not right…”

“Oh man; don’t bail on me now” Ethan protested. “Come on…  Just do a few more houses with us!”

“Alright!” Titan sighed, just as Jesse, Erik and Nathan ran past them to go to the next house. “Let’s go!”

The  boys then went up to the front door of the house next door and Jesse rang the doorbell once again, since he was the biggest and the oldest boy in the group. Another couple opened the door this time, and the five boys shouted their magic words just like all the other times before.


“Oh look, Harold, we got a crowd this time!” The lady said, as her husband came out of the kitchen with a huge bowl filled with chocolate bars. As he began to drop candy bars into Jesse’s bucket, the lady from the previous house quickly made her way towards them.

“Excuse me, Mister and Mrs. Hardy?” the woman said, as she pushed through the crowd.

“Yes, Heather? How are you?” the man replied. “What can we do for you?”

“I just wanted to warn you, that one of these boys is not wearing a Halloween costume!” the lady replied. “He’s not even dressed up at all!”

The man, who had just given a few candy bars to Ethan, Jesse, and Nathan, gave her a confused glance. Then he turned towards the five boys.

“They all look like they’re in costume to me!” he replied. “Let’s see: You got a vampire, a police officer, a ninja, a pirate, and a kid who is dressed up as Titan! Very cool!”

“That’s my point, Mister Hardy!” the neighbor pointed out. “The boy, who is dressed up as Titan, isn’t wearing a Halloween costume at all! He’s for real! He lit the candle in my pumpkin using his finger, just like the real Titan would!  Just look at him! He’s the real Titan!” she exclaimed.

Mr. Hardy then looked down at the boy and examined him from head to toe. Titan began to feel very nervous and ashamed. He really didn’t know what to say. He had already decided to fly home immediately after leaving this house; after all, he was supposed to go trick-or-treating with Robby and Madison.

“I-I’m sorry…” were the only words Titan could utter.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Mr. Hardy’s face. He took his bowl and practically emptied all the candy bars into Titan’s bucket, filling it so full of candy that it almost overflowed! All five boys gasped out loud when the man did that, and they all began to wonder why he decided to reward Titan with so much candy!

“What are you doing?” Heather asked him.

“Do you guys see my car?” Mr. Hardy said, as pointed to the driveway. All the boys looked in that direction, they spotted a white-and-blue police car parked in the driveway.

“There is no amount of candy that I can give this boy that will come even close to repaying him for everything that he has done for us at Washington Metro PD…” Mr. Hardy replied. Then he looked down at the young hero, who was staring at him with his jaw agape. “You deserve truck-loads of candy, Titan… You can come trick-or-treating at my house any day you want… You have caught criminals, saved lives, rescued people, found stolen items and money, and you’ve helped many of my colleagues on the police force! I am very grateful for a kid like you! Happy Halloween, Titan!”

All four boys broke out in applause when they heard that, even Heather had to cheer. It made her forget all about the fact that Titan wasn’t dressed up for Halloween, and she quietly turned and almost shamefully made her way back to her house and quickly disappeared within her house.

“Guys, I have to go soon…” Titan said to Ethan, as they started walking to the next house.

Just at that moment, Myst emerged from a heavy fog cloud. “Hey bro, don’t forget you’re supposed to go head to Boston with me and your brother” Myst said to him.

“Boston?  Oh wow that sounds like a lot of fun Titan!” exclaimed Eric.

“Do we have time to hit one more house?” asked Titan mentally to his blood brother, who nodded his approval and joined the rest of the crew on their trek for treats.

Myst and Titan joined Erik, Jesse, Nathan and Ethan one more time as they knocked on one more door. Titan’s bucket was completely filled with candy bars, so he divided up his candy among the other guys, so they all got some of his.

Myst then looked at the group and said his farewells to them and stepped off to allow Titan to do the same thing.  Titan walked up to each of his friends and high fived all of them.  He assured them that he would return, but now he needed to join his blood brother and his little brother in visiting Myst’s home town.

“Titan, my man, it has been a blast!” Ethan said as he put his hand on Titan’s massive shoulder.

“Well guys WE will see you soon!” Titan said as he stepped over to Myst and began to fade into the fog.

“Finally! It was about time you two came back!” Madison grumbled when he saw his brother and Myst appear in the living room.

“Hey! I got a huge surprise for you, Maddie!” Titan chuckled, as he handed the bucket to his little brother.

“Yeah, but we’re still going trick-or-treating, right? You promised!” Madison protested.

“You bet, Sheriff!” Titan grinned. “But it is not gonna be here, we are going to Boston with Brandon and Robby!” Jake explained as Myst had jumped out and back in with his Big Brother Brandon.

Madison stood in the living room all decked out in western gear.  A pair of jeans, a tan vest, and cowboy hat completed his outfit.  He had found an old western sheriff’s badge to make his outfit look authentic.  Brandon was dressed up as Mr. Amazing, Robby’s favorite comic hero.  Robby announced that he was going to show up in Boston as Myst to surprise his best friend, who knew his secret.

“Yahoo, partner! Are you ready, Sheriff Madison?” Jake laughed.

“Yes, Deputy Jake!”

Myst walked up to his three “passengers” and wrapped his arms around their shoulders.  He concentrated as his eyes shifted from green to jet black.  He grinned as the familiar mist rose from the floor and surrounded all four of them.  Within seconds the quartet were standing on Derrick Malone’s front lawn.

“Well with a slight probe, I found out that Derrick and Petey are both here right now, so it’s going to be easy to surprise both of ‘em” exclaimed Robby.

“Dude, this is gonna be hilarious to see the look on Derrick’s face when we pop this on him” laughed Brandon.

“This is gonna be a “trick” rather than a “treat” huh?” asked Madison.

“I guess you could say that!” laughed Robby.

The four of them made their way to the front door.  Robby nervously reached out and rang the doorbell.  They waited and the door swung open and there stood a brown haired Myst and a short blonde Titan.  Robby’s jaw dropped wide open.

“TRICK OR TREAT!” Screamed Brandon and Madison as they took the cue that Robby was too shocked to speak.

Derrick smiled knowingly at the red-headed boy standing before him.  He knew that the kid that was dressed as Myst was in fact the real hero and his best friend.

“Robby!  Oh My GOSH!” Derrick spoke mentally to his best friend.

“Hey D!” responded Robby.

“Gosh it’s another kid dressed up as Myst, Derrick.  WOW! You guys want to go out with us to get candy?” asked Petey innocently.

“SURE!” said all four of the boys.

For hours, all six boys went house-to-house, ringing doorbells and gathering their loot.  Everyone in the group, but Petey knew the identity of the red headed Myst and the stocky cowboy.  That, however, did not stop the impromptu reunion of the best friends.

After a while the group said their goodbye’s as Derrick walked up to his best friend.

“Well Red, this was defiantly a great “Trick” and was absolutely a “Treat”, I miss you bro!” whispered Derrick.

“I miss you too!  Now get back to the house before Petey suspects anything” said the red-head as he hugged his best friend.

Robby stepped to Jake and Madison.  Brandon ran up and hugged Derrick goodbye as well.  He rejoined the others as the fog bank surrounded them and they faded into the night.

Happy Halloween to All!!!!

May it be a TITANically MYSTerious Night for you all!!!!

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