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About being dumbed for the life you used to live.
You blamed me for your weakness
And now you blame me for your strength..?!
For 6 months you pushed and begged me
After 8 months I answered your plea and told you my story
For two hours the words were on me
For two hours you were speechless
And I knew you were oblivious to my world
Perhaps now you understand the foolishness of your curiosity
I could see you were in awe as the tears ran silently from the corner of your eyes
I only did what you asked
And you left a man apart behind cuz you couldn't grasp a past as mine
For such insensitivity I shall shatter your iced heart
Words will never suffice the pain you inflicted upon me
The day you were no-longer present or reachable
But I'll say it the only way I know how to
I shall share the darkest path of my soul with you:
I gave you a place in my heart and you wired it with Semtex
I told my deepest secrets and biggest regrets
My swamped days with liquid and illusionary chemicals
Was that the reasons which had you flee?
Was it my days living in a suitcase?
My uncontrolled anger and now subdued pains?
Perhaps it was the rulings of judges
And my way to cope with a sentence?
I don't hate you, I loathe you
I feel sorry for your narrow mind
That you can't see beyond coffee and Unicorns
And that you think my past would cause issues in the current present
They say there are plenty of fish in the sea
But they don’t warn about Stingrays like you
So calm and at ease with a floating love
Blinded by your beauty whilst forgetting your poison
You put question-marks on my scars
Even though you knew the truth would hurt
You still had to have what you never really wanted
And I paid the price for your ignorance of bliss.

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