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by Tori
Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #1499528
This is something I wrote almost a year ago, it was mainly to make me feel better.
Like a shadow
it's following
Like a wraith
it hides in shadows
It's after me
straying to hide when I turn
I see it everywhere
stalking, waiting
Like a shadow
it's everywhere I go
like a prowling cat hunting
it hides
in the shadows
in the walls
in my fears
it seems to feed
my fears
and my fears grow,
and die
every time it seems to be gone,
but it stalks
it follows
it hides in the shadows
and kills the light i see
the lights and happiness
that dance across the walls
die at it's touch
I can't sleep
it's watching me
no one else can see it
only me
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