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First effort ,so I figured I'd start with an old poem...get the wheels rolln'
Feel It Again-

The sky is falling,so pick up what you can,
And heed your calling,don't try to understand,
It's a feeling , I know I've felt before,
But it's so unappealing, yet, I know I'll always look for more

I saw your glory,back in those better days,
What a different story now, in so many different ways,
Run on outside and tell all your friends,
And if you're terrified , I know you'll come running back in the end.

Then I'll feel it again....
But I don't know when,and it's been quite a while,
Since I've left for exile,adrift with nothing to give,
But to live ,on this thread that you'd weave ,and I'm never to recieve,
All these gifts you mean to send...
...and I'll feel it again.

Time is passing,although it once seemed ,
So everlasting,and caught up in a dream,
Try to stay strong,you'll need it to defend,
All of you rights and wrongs ,all along this cold,hard road to the end.
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