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Dark alleys don't usually offer the right way
The Devil Himself
The hollow armor

Everything was white till it became dark again
So clearly yet so disturbingly in vain
As senseless it may be I couldn’t fight such destiny
It wasn’t luxury, wasn’t vanity nor even not envy
But the mere fact that everything I was for was handled cowardly

Since the leaves won’t fall I tried shaking the tree
Since the doves won’t fly, I came and set them free
No more of lying to myself and deceiving what I am
And no more of my ambitions to find Hitler’s white Gem
Because I wasn’t born for the mere expectations of “them”

Bullet holes are all that I see
Shooters are nowhere else to be
But from the people whom I trusted the most
Now I see myself yet another ghost
Who’s soul is all this time lost

I don’t expect people to understand these misjudgments
And I don’t intend to arrange more of those arguments
Let them be a prejudice to what they see now
But when I resurrect once again, all I expect from them is a vow
That forever they took from me, forever now they shall figure how

So I stopped blaming and started retaliating
For the making of things with impossible meanings
Now they are ever-seeing and most of them wondering
How to stop me creating such a thing for them worth destroying
I just wish they stop their prying to start helping me by believing

For such actions worth pretending
Comes to the halt of its ending
Never supposed to hurt you stung everyday
And past cannot be forgotten
Forgiveness is weakness; vengeance of love begotten

-It's just inevitable for us
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