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A man loses everything but still believes in his journey.
I sit here in my cell
all are long gone
fighting their hells

I walk through the wreckage
left by their plight
not even the daylight
cannot rub away
the poisonous decay

one tries to stand
gun loaded
to me it is aimed

by hot lead
and hotter blood
dying all a crimson red
yet I still trudge

I walk on their carcasses
left by their fight
through darkened eyes
I follow my light

my own torture still exists though
because all the dead that i see
in my eyes has the face of the one

her sweet amber eyes
her lips blood red
I would kiss her
if not the hole in her head

I walk on glass shards
now with flowing crimson streams
as these shards were the last hopes
of my sweet broken dreams

I will be with her though
in the land of the dead
my heart will never again
fill with sorrow or dread

I limp on in pain
from his gunshot in fright
although it is morning
it is the end of my fight

my sweet angel comes
and wraps me in her embrace
for once in my life
I feel perfectly safe

so it will read on our grave
"we will miss you
we knew thee well
to the only couple
who defeated their hell"
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