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A poem of symbolism, about showing individuality, and finding those around you.
I am one
In a realm where all is silent
In a world where all is still
I am defined, and I am one

I am one
In a place where all does nothing
In a land where action fails
I move my hands, and I am one

I am one
In the endless abyss of solitude
In the eternal darkness of isolation
I show originality, and I am one

I light the torch and shine the light
Where none has shone before
I try to free others of their sorrow

I am one, alone

I am one
In the darkness, another rises.
In the light he stands with me.
Together with him, I am one

I am one
Yet more join us in the light
Standing as individuals, believing their rights
We stand together, and I am one

In the light of individuality
We proudly show our faces
Knowing we will never be alone

I am one… of many.
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