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You think you no your family, when you discover you cousin isn't what you seemed..
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Just think about this, you think you no your family very well, but your are surprised to find out that you cousin is an antro (a creature that is half human and half animal).

Chapter One.
A weird day.

Hi there my name is Tommy, Tommy Whitely or you can call me Tom, that's what my friends call me. This story is about me and my ordinary family, well sort of ordinary. You wouldn't believe what I found out only last week, well actually I wont say anything yet as it might spoil the surprise.

Well last week on friday I was up in my room playing grand theft auto 4 on playstation 3 when my mum shouted me, so I paused the game and went to the top landing. ''Yes mum'' I Said, ''I just wanted to let you no that your cousin from Devon is coming round next week. you havn't met him yet as he moved away when you were small'' She Continued, ''Oh okay brill, thanks mum'' I Said.

A brother I didn't no about how could this be, well im only fourteen and it couldn't have been that long ago that he moved. I sat on my bed wondering what he looked like, weither he was a punk or an emo or even maybe on of them sheep they call Chavs, I call them sheep because of the way the talk.

The next day comes and I'm at school in the playground with my friend Sam talking to him about the news I had the day before. ''Hey you wouldn't believe what I found out yesterday'' I Said Excitedly, ''Yeah what'' Replied Sam, ''Well apparently I have a cousin I never knew about and him and his family are coming to stay for a few days'' I Continued, ''Wow really. how come you never met him before'' Replied Sam, ''Well my mum said he moved away when I was real young to Devon so I never really saw him'' I Said, ''Wow that's cool your finally meeting your cousin who you have never met, that's really cool'' Replied Sam.

We kept on talking all the rest of the break just talking about what we thought he might look like and if he was cool or a geek or if he liked the same things we did.

There was now only three days till my cousin was ment to arrive at our house, I was really excited. ''Mum what does that cousin I never met look like'' I Said. There was a long silence before my dad said. ''Well he is just a normal boy just like you, he likes the same music as you and he also likes playing video games'' He Said Nervously, ''Oh brill, then it should be fun when he come's, someone to play with'' I Said Excitedly.

That night I just couldn't sleep as all I could think about was him, and my ideas of how he would look like and if he was nice or not. I had a dream of me and him taking terns on an online game play on grand theft auto and it was him playing, he was fantastic at playing the game. we were ranked first on the ranking boards.

One more day to go till my cousin was ment to arrive, at this point I was really excited, my mind was on overdrive at this point. ''Your cousin is coming tomorrow are you excited'' Said my mum, ''Yeah, I can't wait for him coming'' I Replied, ''Good, im pleased'' Said my mum.

I then went upstairs to try and use some time up as I was really excited and needed to do something to make me busy, I was just a bag of nerves.

And now was the day my cousin was due to arrive. ''Tommy he's here'' Said My Mum, '' Yeaaaa'' I Screamed. I went to the front door to greet him. His mum and dad got out of the car and started waving to us all standing on the porch, but there was no sign of my cousin, until he finally appeared. He seemed to be normal when I saw his head pop out of the car, but when the rest of him got out of the car I just couldn't believe my eye's, his top half was normal but the bottom was what I thought was a dog.

''MUM'' I Screamed, ''Yes dear'' Replied My Mum, ''He's part boy and part dog, how the hell is that possible'' I Continued, ''Well dear he is a special young boy, he is what people call an anthro'' My Mum Explained, ''What's an anthro'' I Said Puzzled, ''Well an anthro is a creature that is part human and part animal, please be kind to him as he is very shy about his looks'' My Mum Said, '' Okay'' I Said still puzzeled.

I just could not believe my eye's, my cousin was an anthro part animal and part human. I was really freaked out, it reallt blow it out of proportion for me. ''Hi I'm John'' Said my cousin, ''H,Hi I'm Tommy'' I Replied, ''I'm sorry, you must be very shocked to see me'' Said My Cousin, ''Well yeah I am a bit shocked, but it doesn't matter come on in'' I Replied.

We all went into the house my mum and dad went into the living room and me and John my cousin went upstairs so I could show him my room. We went on my playstation and went on time crisis 4. John was actuallt pritty good and he beat me and got high score on the ranking chart. We both sat on my bed and had a chat,

''Im sorry if this upsets you but how did you become half boy and half dog'' I Said still shaken, ''Well I was born like this, when my mum was pregnant with me she contracted a bug, the doctors didn't no what it was, and when I was born they discovered I was an anthro a person that has half an animal body'' John Continued, ''Wow how is life like that, do you get bullied'' I Asked, ''Yes I had a very bad time at school so my mum pulled me out and home schooled me'' He Replied.

''Wow you were taken out of school great I would love to leave my school, I get really badly bullied also. They beat me up and take my lunch money, I have asked my head teacher but he just keeps saying boys will be boys and says not to worry and sends me on my way, I hate him for that'' I Replied, '' I don't understand that, thats wrong, he should be saked for that'' John Said, '' Yes I think so too'' I Replied with a grin on my face.

I was so happy talking to my cousin John I finally had someone like me, well not like me in the anthro way, but in the way of been bullied a lot. I was so jealous that he doesn't go to school and he didn't have to face them horrible bullies anymore. Hell I'd give my playstation 2 away just so I could be taken out of school, but I loved my playstation and that would never happen.

'' Tommy were going to the park do you and John want to come as well'' Said My Mum, '' Yeah sure, let me just get my football and I'll be right with you'' I Replied, ''Hey John do you like football'' I Asked'', ''Yes I do'' Replied John, ''What team do you support'' I Said, '' I love Manchester United'' Replied John, ''Me too, I think there the best team ever'', I Said. Wow that was another thing we had in common I thought it was great we both liked Man Utd, that day was getting better and better.

More to be written.......

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