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Nature poem about a frog

Life's Looking Glass.

Mr Greenfield Frog of Lilly Bay
Sat beneath the pale moon,
His heart it thumped deep down within
He would see his young bride soon.

Mr Greenfield Frog,upon his log
checked all was in it's place
with spotted cloth he dabbed the smut
there off his handsome face.

How proud he felt, how proud he was,
How very upper class
"Yes, every frog will envy me." Said he.
Through his raindrop looking glass.

He fixed the feather on his hat
So that it hung just right
He fastened the bow-tie around his neck
So it sat nice and tight.

"Now all I need;" Said he. "Is the bride to arrive.

Miss Fancy Feet Frog arrived in style and on time.
She joined Mr Greenfield upon his shiny log
There underneath the moon, where the pond
Reflects such lights

The happy two were wed
And danced throughout the night.

They looked into the looking glass,
Made a wish on a falling star.
"Yes indeed Mr Frog,
What a wonderful couple we are, we are
What a wonderful couple we are."

By unicornstar

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