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A rhyming poem about the friends I've lost due to insecurities...
Nothing pains me more
Than a severed and broken friendship;
Once so dear and sweet to me –
As if blood-tied, like kinship.
The straits and narrows of my former friends’
Much beleaguered kind
Often led me to assist them –
True solutions we would find.

But they were never satisfied
With all the blessings God bestowed –
Despite my faithful guidance
It was I they hated/owed.
I tried with all my heart to show them
How much God had blessed them,
But my friends felt I had more than them,
And oh, how that distressed them…

The strength of every friendship
Is the equal and hearty competition;
But being infinitely hurt and small
Makes lesser feelings worsen.
When you find some peace of mind
In God’s auspicious plan,
Your true friend’s wealth and ease of case
Can cure every woman or man.

For love in its purest form
Is a single type of wealth;
Respect is earned most plainly and solely
By the competition’s good health.
Respect my kindness as if it were
A most powerful and strong prescription,
For every doctor has many cases
And for each, a self-love notion. 

My friends, you will have many chances
To bend, but never break;
I did my utmost and honorable best
To cure your incessant heartache.
May your lives be filled with achievements
You were somehow, previously lacking,
And know that my faith and hope
Is to be your truthful and honest backing.

But understand that one’s life work
Must come from that person’s soul –
The heart must face disappointment first
Before one can reach their goal!
Develop all your inherent talents
And disregard the need for intelligence –
For brains have little to do with it,
Just hard work and constant diligence!!!
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