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I entered this for a scholarship in college. Enjoy
Many a month ago
The story you will hear
I took a walk through falling snow
And made experiences so dear

Adorned in black all over
My feet crunched, gently on the white
Many blocks of walking I rested undercover
The spirit somber; it was not right

For it was soon to be Christmas
A kid's most important eve
The sound of snow was being crunched
I turned my head to see
Pushing a girl was her mother
With a sad smile on her face
She sat down quietly
Moving with timeless grace

Her pale face and ringed eyes
Told me of some plight
A mother of a crippled child
Talked about this night

"I have no money left for presents
All I have that's dear
Is sitting in that wheelchair

Smiling sweetly " My beautiful Brianna"
Was all that she could choke
Tears started to roll down her cheek
Because her heart had broke

I searched my pockets carefully
A plan was forming in my head
To bring a bright christmas
She was a mother sobbing

Some tongue depressors from a project
Long piece of thread dyed navy blue
A pen, a pocket knife and nothing to use as glue
But in my mind I knew what I had to do

Simply I made dolls and toys
From what I had on hand
A sheet, a cat, an angel deep in prayer
In wood with details blue
My pen was doing the job
It was too good to be true

From me so focused I never knew
The mother stopped crying
She was quite puzzled at what I was trying

A branch of pine from a tree
Some items I 'borrowed' off the store display
Bent to make a circle
The crown it was going to be

Silently I handed my creations
Over to the mother and child
Both were stunned and smiling
As they took my gifts with thanks

The crown of pine and tinsel
Shoddy from my view
Made the girl light up
Her smile proud, her imagination knew

She was a Christmas princess
If it was just one night
Both seemed so very happy
As I walked to the night

I thought my work was ugly
But I always think that way
As I got home I was happy
That I just made her day

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