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Prose about a Princess and her knight using word prompts.
The Princess's heart was pounding with anticipation.
The room was dark as the candle was dripping with wax.

The Princess put on her cloak and went outside.
She handed the letter to a trusty groom who was her friend.
The groom would deliver the letter to her beloved knight.
The Princess went back into the castle and waited for the night time.

The knight arrived in her room at midnight and slipped into her room.
No words were spoken as she took off her red velvetdress.
The couple enjoyed a night of love and passion.
They heard voicesin the hallway the next morning and the knight left her bed.

The next morning the Princess dipped the feather quill in ink.
A letter to her parents. She was leaving with her knight.
She gave the letter to the groom to give to her parents.
He would give it to them tomorrow after she was gone.

The Princess packed up her belongings and went out the secret passage.
Away on a black horse she rode and met her knight in the woods.
They sailed away from England to Ireland to his homeland.
The Princess and her knight lived with his parents in a nice big house.

The King and Queen never saw their daughter again.
They hoped she was happy.
The Princess hoped her parents forgave her.
No way was she going to marry the man they had chosen.

In Ireland, so green, the Princess and her husband live.
Beautiful children have they and a life time of happiness.
Life is good and the family is happy.
The Princess never regretted leaving her royal family.

Beautiful Poser of me by best friend Angel.
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