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Recipe for Love
Love Bread


3 cups flower (preferably Gold Medal Flowers)
1 cup sweet nothings.
1/2 cup nutty doings (walnuts, cashews, or goofynuts)
1/2 cup milk of human kindness
1 tbs of allspice
1 tbs of yeast
1/4 cup shortening (I prefer Rguement Shortening

Mix all ingredients together in large ceramic old fashioned values bowl. Needs four active hands to mix. ' Intertwined fingers' mixing method works well. Cover with warm intentions towel and allow to rise for several years. Mixture will grow appreciably. (hence large bowl) Punch mixture down taking turns. Cover and allow to rise again.

Place 1/2 mixture into a loafing pan. Place 1/2 mixture into round bunt pan. (no beginning/no end) saving a small ball of dough on the side.

Place the two pans into a pre-warmed oven at 350 degrees. (Warmth being essential)

Let Loaf pan bake for at least a couple of years; Ring pan needs much longer.

Take small ball of dough and wrap in protective paper. Put away in a safe, dark place to mature. Mix this in with batch made to celebrate a child's wedding.

Remove breads from oven at appropriate times. Allow to cool slightly then slather with love-ly jelly or wedded bliss.

Enjoyed best every day with significant other. Be aware that tastes will change depending upon the day and all contained within same. Some days will taste divine, yet others may taste bitter or tart. On these occasions, add a touch of Compassion or Compromise.

Works well served with TLC.

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