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An epic. A Fantasy epic to be more exact.
His sword glistened under the soft moonlight
A young elf
He knew his time was at hand
The land of his people must be taken back at all costs
He moved, with speed and precision unparalleled
The closer he got the more fragrant the fires become
The light from them turns the sky a burnt orange
He unsheathed his sword from around his waist
The goblin did not have time to make a sound
The sword was already through his throat
Blood sprays as the sword penetrated his neck.
Ezylrin, the elf, sprinted onward
He made calculated deadly strikes
His foes stood no chance once so ever
No one caught even a glimpse of him
The dry plain passed below his feet
He would finish it
He would
At last, Ezylrin spotted him
Miznikt the Goblin Chief
His army had, single-handedly, conquered Holirzaa, the Elven Plain
It was a major strategic point for the Armies of Order
This was the only land, which connected the three kingdoms
The Elves
The Orkanak
And the Human
He charged making a straightforward lunge
The chief ducked the strike and quickly made a strike upon the elf
Ezylrin quickly slashed across and killed the chief’s two guards
The guards sprayed blood from the slashes torn into their torso
One of them cried out in agony
A cry so loud it could be heard for miles across the empty dusty plains
The elf made an attempt at decapitating his opponent
Miznikt moved back quickly
He was a completely worthy foe for the elf
Then the elf surprised the goblin with his bow
Launching an arrow right into Miznikt’s left eye
The goblin chief stood shocked
A wild, crazed grin came across his face
He grabbed the arrow and removed it, with his eye still on it
Ezylrin stood awestruck by the sight
Miznikt threw the arrow to the ground
The elf knew what he must do now
He threw a heavy slash at the chief’s left arm
Blood flew everywhere as his arm went flying
The goblin stood completely still
His blood coated the plain making the floor crimson
He gazed deeply into Ezylrin’s eyes
Miznikt shrieked a high-pitched dying scream
The elf realized what he had done for his people
He had saved their land
He felt a sudden sharp pain in his back
Ezylrin turned
Just in time to see the six archers reloading their bows
Yet he did not see any arrows in the ground
He stood still
He reached up towards his back and felt around
Six arrows were lodged deeply in his back
He fell to his knees
Get up, he thought
Slowly he staggered to his feet
They shot six more arrows
Three plunged into his torso
He began to sprint
Why exactly he was not sure
Nevertheless, he ran the fastest he ever had
He had reached them in just under thirty seconds
He tore into them
Nothing was held back
Blood was everywhere
His sword and his body were coated in crimson
He cut one of the archers from to arm tearing his chest open
His heart and other vital organs fell to the ground
The others fell in quick succession
Goblin organs and corpses lay strewn across the land
Ezylrin fell to his knees again
He would not be getting up this time
He was aware of that
The last breath was his sweetest
No more persecution
His people had been held and pushed back for too long
They now had the power to take their land back
After this slaughter, he had thinned them out enough
Goblins were no longer the majority
He would forever be hailed as a hero
In addition, he would be forever remembered as the Elven savior
His people drove back the goblin forces
They forever onward lived
A life free of injustice, hatred, and persecution
They lived life the way they had all wished too
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