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Boys and their lives.
A boy, like any boy his age. He could be family, or the boy next door. Somebody is his, although only those he chooses, like a cat - belongs to no one.
He is a boy and the world is his oyster. All just for him.

Alive, lively, busy, like a mini tornado, creating friendly chaos - on a bicycle, tricycle or on foot.
No idea of cause and effect - or if he did, he probably would not care.

Inquisitive, everything, everybody. Not a thing in sight is safe; underside, topside, outside and inside.
To know and experience, that is his life's mission. The makings of a great explorer.

Johnny, is his name.
He has family. As it is required, we will meet them. Every incident or phase, there they will be met.


At school, his teacher let him sit at the back of the class.
If he sits in front, he always turns in his seat, to see whose hand is up before his, or to wave at Sue.
Sue is his friend - no, ... more - she is his other half. A girl! Sue is part of his life. That we will still see.
Freely he comments, when he thinks that his extensive knowledge can be an asset to his teacher.
His teacher is very careful to respond to his enthusiastic raised hand.
Always waiting a second or two, to see if there is not another hand - you never know what Johnny's response is going to be.

Like the time their teacher asked them to go home and 'look and learn' about 'things nice.'
The next day all the kids had answers - what a nice subject. Flowers and trees, kittens and puppies, clouds and rainbows, more and more.
And the last to answer, getting up from his seat, standing in a sort of attention, concentrating like crazy;
"Pregnant, Teacher. Pregnant is nice."
Slightly off guard, the teacher enquired, not quite knowing how this will turn out, but wanting to know anyway.
"Yes ... Johnny, ... pregnant is nice. How did you decide that. That this was nice."
"Well Teacher, when we ate last night, my Sis said to my Dad 'Dad I'm pregnant.'"
My Dad said....
"That's nice, that's really f.....g nice.'

And Teach, when my Dad says f.....g, you know it is so."

Words that fill fit: flinking - flipping - fighting. But these were not what Johnny's dad said.

Johnny's dad's name was John. Sometimes, Johnny's mom would call his dad 'John'. And sometimes - 'Big John' and then always with a smile.
Mostly his dad would then slap his mom on the rump, with a smile, saying "See you later."
His mom would then start giggling like those girls at school.
This made no sense to Johnny - When his dad said to him "See you later." He knew he was going to cry.

Like the time he painted the canary.
Johnny thought that the canary would look much better in colours other than just yellow.
So, the canary ended up having red wings with a blue body.
Looked quite nice, did the canary, almost like a small parrot.

His mom said
"You better make a plan, or you are going to get a tanning from your Dad."

He went to his brother. Johnny explained, 'Bro' gave advice and Johnny followed thru.

When his dad came home from work, he got a tanning.

His dad said;
"Not because you painted the canary, not because you used the blow torch to get the paint off the canary,
but for listening to your brother."

Now they do not have a canary anymore.

His bro's name was also 'John, Big Bad John' he was called by some.
His dad called Bro John, 'Responsible.'
Cause every time something went wrong, Bro was responsible.
Johnny's mom called Bro John - 'John Boy' then she smiled.
Other times she called him - 'Impossible'. Then she did not smile.

Then there was the time, when 'teach' said they must go home and for ' tell ',
and find out about strange and unusual things people eat around the world.

Next day, the kids started to ' tell ' There they ate frogs legs - there-snakes and snails - and puppies tails, puppy and all. Old duck's eggs - worms - cats.........so much more.

Then at last Johnny got his turn.
"Candles, Teach,candles."
"Where in the world do they eat candles, Johnny ?"
"Well Teach. You see, Mom forgot about the electric thing, she did not buy or pay something and Mom and Dad had a big fight,
I can't remember all the words, but there was a few that I have not heard before."

Johnny-them had one of those meter things that you have need a card for. His mom forgot to get cards.

"So, Mom sent me to the shop to get candles and cooldrink, and we had bread and jam with cooldrink.
That was nice.
Later as I lay in my bed, I heard Dad say to Mom;

'blow out that candle and give me a piece."

Johnny did not have to say where.

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