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Chapter 3 how for will you go for money? How far will you go for honor and Dignity?.
Chapter 3
Anthony showed up at the plank of the trawler that morning seeing Ret standing onboard the trawler with a cup off coffe.
Ret was waving him up. He climbed aboard and walked up to Ret saying How doing?
Looks promising so far he said, only 13 freeloaders so far and were pulling out in about 15 minutes.
Bills on the main drag looking for speeders too! he laughed. Holy poo! laughed Anthony
I just put a fresh pot of joe on want a cup? Sure replied Anthony They turned to head to the gally and Anthony noticed Rob in the wheel house with the captain. Whats Rob doing in the wheeel house? he asked
Oh, he bugs capt, he,s always talken to capt. Sometimes he helps him get the nav charts ready and plots a time line or helps him comunicate with the tug. Replied Ret. Really? Anthony replied in a mused way, I guess he aint that bad of a guy for a freeloader.
Well Andy said Ret, It,s not that I cant understand their point of veiw, its just that, well, I avoid hitting a rabbit or squirrel when Iam driving if I can safely, but with a freeloader it would be to much of an inconveinace for em to turn their wheel 2 inches, some will most wont, they just dont care or have a conscience about it one way or the other. Its like my old dad told me once, "Theres people walking around out there with no conscience at all" I thought he meant murderers and crooks an the like, I thought I might never meet someone like that. Man was I wrong, there everywhere!
Good point Ret, it explains allot about life in some way.
Yeah I mean no ones asking the freeloaders to be super working heros, or even work hard, if they would just grab a net now an then and lean backwards with just there body weight or lean over and help sort a few now an then geez. To just stand there an watch and then have the ordasity to insult us too, fuck that takes some gull and total lack of any care for any one. There she blows! Ret said as they felt the trawlers huge engines fire up and vibrate the floor.
Wow a little late on warming those fire blowers aint it? Anthony asked Yeah, but cap is showing Rob how to fire her up I guess. Ret replied. We will see about Rob this trip. They got there coffe and went back on deck. Ret stood watching workers walk on, each asked Ret How many freeloaders we got Ret? Ret would tell them his count, they would shake their head at the ground as they walked on.
A white brand new cadilac pulled up to the docks, they could see a figure lean over to the driver and kiss then the door opened and out jumped a man. He waved good bye to the driver and headed up the plank as the car drove off.
Its Burger said Ret, a fat rat freeloader thats 14 of em so far.
The man passed bye not even looking at them. Ret seemed ready to say something to him, but seemed to hold it in.
He might work this round Ret said. He sometimes will on good runs. He didnt look happy thou, we usually talk a bit.
Two of the freeloaders from the bar last nite pulled up skidding in the gravel. They both jumped out grabbed their gear from the bed of the truck and hurried on. They looked a mess. Ha ha Ret chuckled, they almost missed, damn!
16 now. They both turned when they heard the tugs whistle coming from the mouth of the harbor. Well were down to 10 minutes now Ret said. 25 good workers an a couple part timers and 13 total lame brains. If no more freeloaders show up, were in super shape! Lets get this thing out of here. What time do yoy have Ret Anthony asked, Ret looked at his watch and proudly annouced 5:35 we,ll pull out about 5:49. A little early? Anthony asked
Yep! Ret smiled, A little early! Do me a favor and go help those guys with the tug so we can skedaddle the fuck outa here before more freeloaders here that fucking whistle and come running. ha ha! Anthony laughed as the thought registered with him.
He ran around to the side where workers wrere struggling with the giant rope and gave them a hand.
He told them how low the freeloader count was and to hurry and get us going before more showed up, they all agreed saying Lets go! Get that damn rope tied off and lets move it!

Anthony saw Rob ontop of the wheel house messing with the short wave antenna and wondered what he was doing. What are you doing Rob? Anthony shouted up to him. Damn things shorting out! he yelled back to Anthony who waved an Ok to him. Anthoney felt the engine revving up and the tug was slowley pulling slack out of the rope.
He walked back to the dock side to see if the gang plank was being pulled in yet and yes it was already gone. He saw Ret walking around the wheel house and coming towards him beckoning him to come to him. When Anthony got to him Ret said, stay on the other side or make your self scarce till we get turned out. I dont want any freeloaders showing up yelling for someone to put the plank out. he he he! Anthony laughed good thinking!

Anthony walked thru the ships to the other side to see the tug starting to put pressure on the huge rope. He felt the first pull and the big ship slowley start to move out. He heard a loud cough from Rob as he jumped down onto the deck and turn an enter the wheel house fast. As the ship turned out he felt the surge of the trawlers motors realse the slack on the rope.
Ret came out and gave the hand signal to flip the rope off the side and he then waved at the tug furriously to move out and pull her rope in. Radio still not up? Anthony asked Ret, Not for 6-7 hours it wont be! replied Ret.
Anthony looked at Ret like he knew he was up to something, Ret only smilled mischievously.
Ret said head to the rec room Andy I,ll see ya there in a minute.

Anthony walked down to the rec room and noticed just about all the freeloaders were gathered there and taking up every chair. Anthony found a wooded stool next to the fridg an pulled it out an sat down.
Did you get us launched? A freeloader asked humorously. Yeah is there some reason your down here and not up with the other slaves getting us underway? another asked Were out to sea already moron! Anthony said in a dareing tone.
He could see non of them wanted to mess with him and that he was a little more pissed at freeloaders than most of the workers. One replied were out already what the fuck? Well if you lazy shits would act like ya been on a tralwer before you might have some fucking idea of what the fuck happenes on one instead of taking a pleasure cruise like John and Mary frecking tourist! He replied. Look kid! one of the older freeloaders replied, pulling out early isnt comon for this trawler, we wait for all investors! Umm is 7 minutes early to you? Anthony replied. I call that efficeint! Or does 7 minutes late mean efficeint to you? Stop being a kid. said the older guy. And act your age ya whinny little bitch!
Act like a man and I will! Anthony replied. Where the hell is Ret? Anthony thought, these guys already have me wound tight and its only been a minute! Suddenly he heard voices in the hall an knew the workers were on the way in. They all filed in like they had somthing to hide, none where talking when they entered the room. Ret came in behind them.

After an awkward moment of silence Ret asked: could anyone get the fuck up and let me sit down for a second? One freeloader tossed his newpaper in the trash and said here take my seat. He walked out saying: Iam heading up to the wheelhouse an seeing if I can raise Jake, he was supposed to be makeing this round. Yeah one of em yelled to him, Tim, Larry and PK were coming too I thought, see if there there with him! Shit, looks like a bunch of em missed it! another said.
Hey if ya raise em, tell em to get that sport guide guy to run em out!
Anthony got up quick and stuck his head in the fridge like he was looking for something to eat so none of the freeloaders saw the grin on his face that he could not stop. Ret walked to him an leaned close and said: See any moonshine in there? ha ha, he chuckled softly. They both giggled to them selves a second.
The workers were still not talking at all an just leaning around looking at the freeloaders as they lounged in the only chairs and two couches in the rec room.
One of the workers said to freeloader, are those jim shoes your wearing? Deck shoes! the freeloader replied. Like people wear on a recreational sail boat? The worker asked. Like I wear, like these frecking shoes on the end of my freck fracking legs! the freeloader replied. The worker looked at the other workers in disgust and dis-belief and said, Ok Sally, ya didnt forget your tampons this trip did ya? No but one of these shoes is gonna be your butt tampon if you dont shut it! the freeloader yelled. The crowd all laughed a bit and continued what there each were doing as if no one wanted to get the argueing going this early in the trip.
Ret grabbed the disgarded newspaper out of the garbage can asked if any one wanted a section a parsed it to people.
Someone turned a radio on, and they all started to relaxe a bit. A ping pong game began and it seem business as usual.

After an hour, a freeloader annouced as he walked in that the short wave is srcambled and he could not rasie anyone. Great! said another freeloader, More fish for us! The feeloaders all smilled greedily at each other, the workers grinned an laughed to. No one made it on that guys sport boat? One asked Nope! he replied, guess were to far out by now anyway.
Is Rob working on the short wave? the older fereeloader asked Yes he replied, he said its in the antenna or some shit, thinks he can get it up before we get out in the lanes.
A worker from behind the ping pong table yelled, 100 tons this trip!, There pulling em out non stop rumor has it!
Everyone looked around and nooded in confirmation and it started some groups coversing a bit more. Everyone looked happy to be on this trip and the tension between the two groups seemd to vanish at that moment.
Ret said he was getting some air and asked Anthony if he want to go top side with him, Anthony agreed and the two left.

The air smelled great this far out and all smell of land was gone. I love this smell said Anthony. Yep The sea starts getting purer at this point. Ret said. He lite a cig and took a good puff. Looks like everyone is happy as hell that we ditched a bunch of dill weeds. he said smilling at Anthony. How did you scramble the radio? anthony asked. Oh I had some help maybe. Rob filed our trip specs yesterday so we are ok till we get in the lanes. The radio will be up by late tonight. Ret said.
Anothy stood there slightly nooding at the sea feeling all was right on this trip. Both men felt un beatable at that moment with the power of sea on their side as they traveled on. Ret tossed his ciggeret at a gull which swooped at it before it fell into the water. Well this sun is strong, Iam heading to the wheel house to see if cap wants a break before we hit the lanes tonight. Ok Anthony said , Ill take a nap Iam still kinda worn from last nite, Ill catch ya at mess then. K! Ret said and they departed.
The rest of the day went well as the huge trawler made its way to the shipping lanes.
Everyone meet at mess and laughed and joked. Anthony thought this is how it should be, and Ret thought it was much like the earlier days of the trawler.

The next morning Anthony awoke to the familar humm of the engines and gentle rock of the huge trawler. He showered and headed to the gally for a fast bite, and he took a bannana up to the top deck, peelng it on the way and woofing it down.
How long are they saying till we get to a net spot? he asked a couple workers.
Later today they think about 2 hours from now. the worker said. Good luck you guys Anthony said, you too they replied.
The energy was high, all the workers had that same look on their faces that Anthony had seen some many times on every trawler run he had made. A mix of excitment and fear an courage. Workers began pairing off and going about together, another thing Anthony had seen before, they watch each other back in a more organized way then counting on just anyone in the large group if they get hung up or in trouble while doing the dangeous work..

Hey! Rob said as he apeard around a corner. Hey Rob! Anthony replied. There saying some weather is moving in tonight , will probably be nasty tonight. Oh radios fixed? Anthony asked. Yes, got her up last nite before we hit the lanes. he said and smiled somewhat slyly. There reporting massive catches, so hang on to your hat, were planning on a soild 4 days to start before we cruise out for a break. You putten in some net time Rob? asked Anthony Yea Yea he said looking Anthony in the eyes. The mother load one this one man the freaking mother load. It will be like old times for a while huh Andy? Rob Said, If i close my eyes I guess Anthony replied. Aww man dont be like that, Rob said: you can choose to have a bad attitude about freeloading or not, it dosent effect us any, in fact your just feeding into the fun we have when we freeload. Anthony flashed his eyes at Rob in anger, but didnt let his voice show his anger and said, The Rob I knew a couple years ago would have never let his crew down by slacken off.
Well said Rob, that Rob was stink poor, I had to work like a dog, beside I feel relieved to not have money problems now and I do work when its really needed so I feel Iam doing my share. I still have dreams so Iam not done on life like some of the other freeloaders. Allot of em are just natural born slackers, or guys who worked all there life for them selves and what ever they could take steal or get from other peoples sweat and hard work. We can talk later like after this trip Andy I got to go right now and please keep this to yourself alright? No problem Rob. Anthony replied. He was glad to see Rob open up a bit to him about the freeloading. Rob had always been like the all American boy, clean cut, health freak and hard working honest dependable type he thought. Maybe I have the freeloader thing wrong about him? Well anyway, Anthony thought, at this point we only have one fish in mind to fry, Freeto. hopefully we can ferret out any cohortes such as the Cuban and get down to whos trustworthy and who,s not.

The trawler made a turn north and Anthoney knew they were getting close to yellow fin waters. He could see some smaller trawlers off in the horizone so he decided to get some coffe in him and and see what was cooking in the gally before the long shift began. He noticed the weather picking up and grimmiced at Robs news of a storm hitting. A trawler this size can take it with ease but some of those smaller guys out there could get in trouble. Good luck if they called this freeloader infested tub for help! he thought , hope its no one out there I know. He thought of the time he got the news of his pops ship being lost at sea. It angered him even more that a ship with freeloaders was even on the sae at a place so so far from home and saftey, with hard working men risking life and limb to fulfill their dreams, their responsibilty to their families and generally just all working together as one to make a living. If his old buddies knew what he knew thay would call him a fool.
am I just greedy like those freeloaders? Anthony wondered. No no he said to himself, Iam not guilty of anything here.
My honor is intact, Iam never going to freeload and let some one down and basically steal some poor workers money no matter how rich I could get, I,ll quite before I do that!
He stoked up on coffe and some chcken soup and calmed his nerves to prepare for the work this trawler brought him to this place in the sea for.

End Chapter 3

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