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Chapter 4 A stormy day and a traitor is uncovered
Chapter 4

A young guy Anthony had never seen before was struggling with the net.
He could see the look of fear on his face even thru the blowing rain and wind.
It had grown dark and dangerous, the wind must be 40 mph he thought, this kid better be carefull here comes the net!
They wrere bringing the first catch nets in and they were loaded.
Those lines are strained Anthony thought, and the nets going to drag the side. Hey kid! Let the catch drag over before you get ahold of it! he yelled But the kid grabed the huge bulging net and it swung him around like a rag doll. Let go let go! Anthony yelled at the kid. Everyone scattered as the net swung to and fro as it cleared the side and swung fiercly from one side of the deck to the other, dragging the kid with it. He saw the kid let go and fly clear of the net luckily before he was smashed around underneath it. A couple men were helping the kid to his feet as Anthony got to him.
You ok? he asked. Yeah I think so, my wrist hurts thou. the young man said. Go down to the gally and have em take a look at it Anthony told him. Allright he replied and as he quickly stepped away looking at the huge net now being lowered and revealing the flip flopping tuna.
Workers scrambled around and began tosseing tuna down the slide to the hold, sorting stray un-wanted fish and throwing them back into the sea. Anthony joined in, way way to many fish he thought, there letting them drag to long for such a jack pot spot. He saw Rob come out and jump in the net to get some big ones dragged off so they could get the net back in fast as possible.
He threw the huge fish down the slide and circled his finger in the air for the jib workers to lift and drop the nets back in.
He jumped clear of the net fast just as they hoised up. Watch those lines! he yelled at a couple guys not paying attention to the drag lines starting to be pulled out. We aint fucking around! he yelled at them, You get hung up an go over this early in the run, no ones going to say a damn thing, get you heads in the game!
Everyone shuffled out of the way as the lines pulled taught and spooled the thousand feet line out to where the big nets floated open and dragged behind the ship netting up schools of the fast fish.

The second net signal alarmed and they all walked to there positions to wait for it to be hoisted on baord.
The wind and rain pelleted everyone relentlessly and the trawler had a sway going from the force of it.
Anthony thought, it felt like a little part of hell they were in. He thought of the smaller trawlers he saw off in the distance that afternoon and was wondering how they were fareing.

We got that net empty fast! Good job! Rob exclaimed. Almost had a man tuna in her! one of the workers yelled reffering to the younger worker. He will learn! Rob yelled back thru the howling wind.
Is anyone radioing that they broke thru the storm? one of the workers yelled to Rob.
Yes! he said, but they pulled nets and went south 4 hours!. Were going to stay about 2 more hours! he yelled If this party pooper keeps up like this or the fish vanish, we,ll shift positions an see if we can get on the break edge of it.

The experianced workers knew a storm was hell to work in, but tuna ran like crazy in it. Bait fish were tossed an scattered by the waves. Sooner or later thou the went deep after filling thier bellies.

The second net swung in more loaded than the last, all stood clear as it swung around and was let down to the deck.
They launched the fish down the slide with amazing speed, Anthony noticed two freeloaders come out an jump in to the gap an tossed tuna like old pros.
Second net? one of them yelled at Rob. Yep! second net, this ones heavier than the last too!
Hey a lob! one of the freeloaders yelled as he lifted a huge lobster into the air then tossed it towards the deck to save it.
Lucky fuck! a worker said.
Ret appaered coming up from the hold as the last tuna slid down the slid.
Nice catch boys! I swear theres a 300 pounder in that first one ! Yep Yep one worker said Was a nice catch they all agreed.
Cap wants us to turn a bit more into the wind! A worker yelled as he came running up to the men standing there. So hold that net. Rob whistled to the jib workers who were about to lower the net , and gave them the hold sign. Then signaled with a finger placed on the palm of the other hand bu makeing an arc ovement, that they werer turning.
Thinks its ok? asked Anthony to Ret. How longs that net been out? Ret asked. 20 minutes now. Anthoney replied.
One of the older freeloaders there working said: Dont worry about it, it cant be to heavy yet, turn! turn!

Everyone knew turning with a heavy net out dragging was a disaster. The jib cranes holding the lines could be ripped off the deck, lines can snap cutting anyone they hit and more. You can turn with one net out, but two and they tangle into a trawler stopping mess.

The deck cleared and the jib workers on the net out side ran for safety. Ret stood back where Cap could see him and signaled ok.
They all watched with fearfull anticipation as the trawler turned and the net lines heaved across the stern.
The jib moaned under the strain and everyone turned cautiously sideways as if to sheild them selves from flying parts.
The lines finnaly straitened out and everyone let out a Whew! Easy money! Tony Cacussio said. He was the cuban freind of Freeto that Ret told Anthony about, the one they suspected could be in with the freeloaders.

Ok easy money get to it! the older freeloader yelled to him. All the workers got back to getting the other net out and the nite dragged on.
Anthony and Ret both took a break while the nets dragged and went up to the wheel house to talk to cap.
When they got there cap was on the short wave:
And you say its good fishing too; Cap was yelling into the mic
Real good! Flat water and a clear sky! they heard a voice say out of the speaker.
Ok, we,ll be their by noon or so thanks and out Cap said back.
Cap spun around on his stool to face Ret and Anthony: South shores said its clear sailing 4 hours from here he said. The Farley and Mary broke thru the edge dropped nets and have been jack potting! Whoop! said Ret, my ass is soaked and cold and so is everyone elses, sounds good let get the fuck outa here!
One net is coming in in a sec, the other we will pull after that one k? K! said cap let me know when your ready, and Ret tell Rob to give me a hand up here will ya? K. said Ret Make sure no one has objections. said Cap. Ok ,Iall ask em Ret replied.
Ret and Anthoney went to the nets and explained the plan to everyone as they hauled sorted stowed the catch. Everyone agreed to get out of the storm. This last catch looks slim anyway Tony said, Yep their sinking down now! the older freeloader said, Iam going below you noobs finish up! He Went over and grabbed the lobster he had thrown against the deck earlier grabbed it up and went inside.
No one remaked on the insult the older freeloader made to them. They wrere all happy he had helped out, and happy with the days catch.
A little siesta after such a nice short round will be great! one of the workers yelled as they got the last net stowed away.
Yep Anthony said, get plenty rest, the Farly and Mary said they were in the sun and jack potting every net!
They all trotted off the deck into the gally for some hot coffe and food.
Ret was there already and Anthony grabbed a seat next to him.
Freeto was jabbering away about a trawler trip he had taken on the Farly and Mary. We pulled in a huge net fulls in that storm too! he said. The whole nite it thundered off in the distance like a far off war was breaking loose.
Mo one liked lighting at sea, ships attaracted it.
Then all a sudden Freeto exclaimed, the wheel house lite up so bright liie the sun was inside it, and boom! Itw as hit by a bolt, we all ran up to it and the cap Frank Telbert came running out yelling for the fire crew,. I looked in and smoke filled the whole thing so thick I couldnt see the other door. Wireing was fried, no radio the whiole trip, we had to flaat free for 5 hours. The damn nets got tangled cause no one ordered em pulled in. Plus that they wrere full! OH shit Ret said, what did you guys do?
Well they emptied enuogh so we could pull the tangled mess up once the storm passed, but since we floated free so long there was no way to untangle em without cutting.
We had to head in with a half hold once they got nav back up.
Anthoney looked aat Ret s the one freeloader left and he could see in Rets eyes that he was going to spin a worker story to feed Freeto.
I might take it easy this round said Ret. we have a nice catch coming up, no need to kill my self. he said.
Freeto looked at Ret then glanced away like he thought he was butting into a conversation between Anthony and Ret.
Feeling like taken it easy ayye? Anthoney said.
Yep,said Ret. if the freeloaders can I can, remember, no rule against it!
They watched Freeto get up and get another cup of coffe. He walked back butand leaned agaist the wall instead of sitting down.
How far are we going again Ret? Freeto asked 4 hours till we hit the edge . replied Ret. We were in the middle of it, so it should be letting off the further we go.
I cant wait , Iam going top side for a sec to see if its calmed down a bit Be right back. Freeto said then scurred out the door.
Ret and Anthoney exchanged wide eyed stares for a second. Well! said Ret, Yeah! Said Anthoney should we head to the rec room? asked Anthony,
Tto the damn rec room then! Anthony replied.
They both walked slowley to the rec room, stopped at the door silently and listened, they could hear Freeto saying that Ret annouced he was going to tak eit easy this round.They heard the older freeloader say: I didnt see him on deck this afternoon. Wll Piss. We need that fucker on nets!
. Anthony looked at Ret in surprise as they both pulled back and walked away from the rec room doorway.
As they turned the corner towars the gally Anthony said:Is that why you worked the hold Ret? Yep he said, I never work the hold but I gave a kid a $50. to take his place and sent him up on nets, Rob said he would watch out for him.
He got hurt grabbing a heavy catch coming over the side Anthony said. Oh no, bad? Ret said. No, just spranged his wrist I think, Rob came out just as the kids got flung aside. Shoot! Ret said as he shook his head, Bad timeing. I guess an innocent casualty, is all I can say. We can go check on him later ok? Yeah sounds ok Anthony replied.
Freeto is a bandito! Ret said. Yep cant trust him, I wonder if the cuban is with him? Anthony asked.
JUst then Freeto turned the corner and saw Ret and Antony outside the Gally door. He stopped in surprise.
Thought you went topside Freeto? Ret said sternly Uuhhh I was going to but said Fuck it, didnt want to get wet. Freeto said with a blushing face.Its raining Iam sure so, maybe after I shower later and get some dryer cloths on, Ill take a llok. He then slid between Ret an Anthony back into the Gally.
Ret siad, Ok, well let me know will ya? he said kinda kid like as he looked at Anthony with a innocent face that said Iam not lieing. Anthony grinned at the older trawler worker thinking to himself, these clowns have no idea how clever this guy is.

They went inside the gally and laughed at some jokes another worker was telling. On into the nite they all talked of the open sky and calm seas coming up and of the best catchs they had seen. Many said they were on their way to record levels and could all bank on a huge pay check form this one. They all agreed it should be a great run.

End Chapter 4

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