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A bit of lust channeled into poetry.
Hot and racy women
Dancing nimbly on the floor,
Can wiggle and articulate
Like so much more’s in store…

And that cute and sexy coed
Sitting primly in your class,
Can have you doing homework
On that lovely little ‘lass’.

A world of feisty vixens
Who are wearing almost nothing,
Can have their tan lines photographed
In every magazine going!

And oftentimes, an office job
Can waste one’s acumen,
But many companies fill their ranks
With lots of gorgeous women!

But that dark, protective eyewear
And those tightly-fitting clothes,
Can often fill a man with lust
With breasts as firm as those…

Is there a home-safe harbor
From the wild and windy seas?
Can a gentleman find a cutie
Who's more than just a tease?

Gentle, rare, and gifted girls
Are more than meets the eyes –
But their pretty, made-up faces
Give men a thousand sighs…
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