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If you have an ideology, prepare to be offended
I am one of those raised by advertising. I am one of those who learned their morality from Disney cartoons. I am one of those suckled at the tit of public schools, taught to equate niceness with truth. THE TRUTH IS NEVER NICE. At least not in this age. The truth in this age is lost, lost in the air waves, lost in the ceaseless spin of both Left and Right like so many suds down a bath drain. Where is truth? Where is honor? Where is the real? We sold it, all of us, you and I, for a pretty little world that looks nice on the outside but is rotten to the core. I don't want the pretty little world, anymore, now that I know its taste I can't suffer it without gagging. I want the real apple, rotten and brimming with parasites. I want to bite into it, worms and all, and feel the citrus bile flow down my lips. I want to taste truth in all of its rancid realness, in all of its wordless mayhem.

Here is one piece of the truth, wrapped in words, but don't take my word for it. Instead just shut off your brain and listen for yourself, I dare you.

In this country there exist two main fish traps to catch every stupid brain that is pumped out into the population. They are called the Left and the Right. I once wriggled along in this net like everyone else, my thinking confined by ideologies set up to assure only that the system itself goes on ticking. Of these two nets the Left is by far the craftier piece of work. The conservative net is mainly designed to catch people by means of their religious indoctrination. It, therefore, plays upon ignorance and lack of education, two things always prevalent amongst the deeply religious. The net of the Left, however, facing an array of college educated 'intellectuals', uses a mental trait just as prevalent on that side of the political divide in its manipulations, one every bit as self defeating as ignorance: arrogance.

When I speak of liberal and conservative I speak as someone who is deeply familiar with both sides. In my youth I was a member of the Boy Scouts which, once an organization that modeled young men after adventurers and explorers, now merely implants them with the political philosophies of the Right. When they used to spend much of their time in the outdoors they now spend the majority saluting and cow-towing to patriotic images and repeating and regurgitating proAmerican and proWestern dogma. I rejected the Boy Scouts and the Right long before I 'earned' the rank of Eagle Scout, but only once I hit college did I truly flee to the other side of the political spectrum.

Like so many human brains I followed the old pattern of dynamic reaction. Instead of thinking for myself I merely fled to the opposite of the thing I had uncovered as lie, expecting it to be truth. I exploded my brain with all manner of psychotropic drugs, read every book a good liberal is supposed to read, even Al Gore's Earth in the Balance. I attended a white bread college and took white bread courses where white teachers taught me about the evils of this white nation. I never even smelt a whiff of hypocrisy. This is how well the liberals cover up their smell. Of course I couldn't scent it because I, like them, was indebted to that political perspective. Why? Because of how it made me feel.

“Oh those stupid republicans we would say, oh those stupid Christians, oh those greedy corporations.” ARROGANCE. That is the fuel that powers the Left, the Left which does nothing but spin its wheels when given the opportunity to invoke the change it continuously preaches about. Look at it now, look at the Left. They have both congress and White House. And what, may I ask has changed? Nothing of consequence and nothing of consequence will change -- this is the point. Logic would dictate that the democrats are either the biggest bunch of cowards ever to craft a political platform or they never meant to do anything in the first place. For my part I'm guessing both.

Name me one liberal leader that isn't so high on his own racial, political, or ecological righteousness that he would give up his position to help his cause. Name me one liberal politician who talks about the ravages of the poor who isn't himself bathing in dollars. Show me one eco pundit that isn't burning up jet fuel as he coasts around the globe talking about 'the dangers of climate change.' You wanna help stop polluting, well then stop fucking polluting you fucking hypocrite. To all of you who, like Al Gore, preach about the environment while you complain about jet lag and count your oil shares, I have a very special middle finger to raise in your direction.

The liberal leaders acquire their sycophants through arrogance the same way conservatives get theirs through dogma. By following Al Gore and listening to his talks one feels instantly better about one's relationship to the planet even if one is driving an SUV by themselves as they listen to Earth in the Balance on tape. This is a sort of moral hypnosis that uses words instead of actions to cement one's feeling of righteousness. It allows, for example, the yuppies that I know to go on a European vacation for months and on the very day they return be bemoaning the state of poverty in the nation. It allows soccer moms who spend hundreds of gallons of petrol shuttling their children back and fourth to a sport only slightly less repetative than the car ride itself to feel like environmentalists. It allows crackers who have never had to worry about where their next meal is going to come from to feel they understand the black man's plight. For years I lived down and out in such places as Atlanta and Newport News where blacks are in much the same situation now as they were when Malcom X was roaming the nation, but I still don't claim such an understanding. I still had my parents white money like a net, whether I knew it or not at the time, waiting to catch me should I fall. Liberals don't want to admit to their money but there it is in their bank accounts just like conservatives. In fact one of the main things that separate liberals from conservatives financially, is that the later give far more to charities annually. From the way liberals talk you'd hardly realize...

You and I have had a commercial education. Throughout this educational process a brainwashing so thorough has been attempted that the result has been the greatest generation of cynics ever produced. How can one be surprised. All we hear from our culture is intended to manipulate us. To spin us into thinking one way or another. Those who don't wind up thoroughly entangled in one political fishnet or the other, become either compromisers (we'll get to them) or become like me: cynics. Yes I am a cynic, I am the grand fucking POO-BAHH of all cynics. How else should I react to a world that has ever and always tried to dupe me, that has ever and always tried to twist my brain with the sweet slick words it knows I have been primed to believe. Eventually, if one doesn't believe, one is left in the most suspicious form of nihilism, questioning everything including ones self. This is harrowing torturing experience. Also like many experiences that are painful it is inherently curative. One comes out of it looking at peoples eyes instead of their mouths to determine their character, one comes out of it treating ideas as they are: dead things to be discarded when proven false, one comes out of it a living breathing human animal.

Perhaps trying to hard was the Man's prime blunder. Because once one looses one's faith in words, all non violent systems of control loose their effectiveness. All are based in words and specifically in the emotions that words conjure. Words alone can make use feel proud, happy, sad even though no REAL thing is occurring to elicit these reactions. This is gremayre of the highest sort. It is a spell that is put on all of us, Right, Left and Center. Those on the right have their religious dogmas repeated to them, evoking emotions connected to these 'holy' words since Sunday school. Those on the left have their liberal ideologies of civil rights, environmentalism etc. repeated to them floating them up high on a cloud of moral superiority no matter the privlages, technological or social, they enjoy at the expense of the world's majority. And of course, the Centerites. I almost forgot about this net. It is the trickiest of all and revolves around one cherished word: compromise.

The Centrist point of view more and more inundates the brains I come into contact with. Centrists are so close to cynics and at the same time the opposite. Instead of rejecting all the bull shit they attempt to embrace all of it. In their fluffed up brains, rejection is negative and everything negative is bad therefore rejection is bad. You know this view point if you ever went to public school. From the moment our biology teacher avoids debate between Creationism and Evolution, from the moment our history books teach us about the proud statesmen who avoided civil war in this country for decades thus assuring the continuation of a slave society we learn the 'value' of compromise. Don't mistake me for a fucking rubber spined Centrist compromiser just because I trounce both Right and Left. I in fact harbor even more disdain for the compromisers. A bigger lot of intellectual cowards could never be found.

For centuries this stupid species of ours has gotten progressively less stupid through one route only, the open logical contest between ideas and the continuing debate between ideas. Compromisers don't like this. It isn't nice, they think, to argue. This, of course, is a conclusion they have come to after listening to a thousand childish arguments conducted by people who don't understand the purpose of debate. Argument is not about ego, it is about ideas. It is about killing off weak, irrational, and delusional ideas and cleaning our collective brains of useless falsities. No small wonder that in the age of compromise our world wide data stream has become so awash with tripe that someone could wade through a swamp of lies before finding one speck of truth.

Compromisers are a special breed of pussy which is to say that they believe, like all pussies, that everyone can get along with one another, in all our diversity. In their small minded brains, boxed in by the dogma of political correctness, they imagine a land of sun shine and butter drops where neo-nazis, blacks, fundamentalists, liberals, behaviorists and existentialists can all circle up hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But this present world that we live in is not about compromise and it never has been. It is about strife and battle and warfare and death and rebirth. You want peace, when you die ask God Allah or whoever the fuck to reincarnate your ass either 10,000 years ago before all this shit started or however far into the future it takes for the radiation to cool off. This Age is not an age of passivity, it is an age of change and change can not be nice and it definitely can't be painless. Especially when one looks closely at all these competative belief structures. Tell me do you see even the pretense of coexistence in their subtext? Every religion on the planet is united by one central belief: their religion is the right religion and every ideology is the same, though perhaps less fervent.

The compromisers would have Muslims shake hands with Christians while retaining their infidel concept. They would have Christians accept science while believing the world is only 7,000 years old. They would have the ghetto blacks love the white man while simultaneously being ground under his boot. With so many inconsistencies criss-crossing the modern brain its no wonder we have a use of but 10% of it. And that's the legacy of the compromisers: a confused mind that has replaced truth with a complex illusion. Do you know how that wrinkled human gray matter grows its wrinkles? For the most part it doesn't. The human brain is born with a plethora of synaptic connections most of which have died out by the age of three giving rise to many of those basal traits that we call personality. In other words, intelligence grows out of unused synapses dying not new ones being created. Intellectual intelligence is the same way, for a rational sensitive mind to evolve irrational, programed beliefs must be seen through and discarded. Debate alone both internal and external both violent and pacific is the only way toward this end. By standing in the way of this all the compromisers succeed in doing is prolonging the life time of ideas that should have long ago passed into history's waste bucket by virtue of their contradiction with observable evidence as well as in many cases their contradiction with themselves.

Thank you compromisers. A very special middle finger to you for throwing a pretty pink-bowed wrench into the gears of progress. Yes let us all get along and keep our backward ideas in this hell those very same ideas created.

You may have noticed that I am mad. I am and you should be to. Why? Because all of you and me too are dupes. You and I have been set up from the beginning. We have been brainwashed.

Faced with limited options and convinced that they represent all possibility you've chosen your beliefs thinking they really came from you. They didn't. They came from some people 5000 years ago who thought of women like chattel and put entire villages to the sword because they worshiped snakes, they came from some smooth talking politician who transgresses against every moral he espouses, they came from some scientist who replaces your infinite potential with set parameters uncovered by a discipline that rewrites itself every three years, they came from people so mentally craven that they've replaced the search for truth with the wimpy and effortless conviction that everyone's a little bit right.

2+3=100. Tell me what's right about that compromisers? Scientists, you know the human brain so well tell me exactly how it works.....waiting.... Politicians, you're so righteous give your luxury over to charity... thought so. Priests, your scripture is so pure tell me why is it riddled with self contradiction.... oh it was written by men.... um why's its God's word then?

Words are what it all comes down to in the end. Words that are not reality. Words that invoke emotions intended for real happenings but misused by a brain never designed to tell the difference between fact and fiction. That's the thing with our brain. We may not know how it works, but the way it works in this regard is well documented. A thought, an image can produce somatic effects as drastic as those created by a real experience. This is the basis behind hypnosis and why it works. By turning off the conscious mind entirely and thus disarming us of our one discriminating faculty a hypnotist can convince a person of any number of things. By telling a person he's on fire they can even raise the person's body temperature as metabolism seeks to justify the belief.

Our hypnotism is of course at the same time infinitely more subtle and infinitely grander, but it is achieved via the exact same mechanism: words. When we acknowledge any 'ism' as being truth I don't care if its religion, a branch of the sciences, or this essay your reading right now, we commit the deepest possible fallacy. Words can never and will never equal reality. You want to know what words are? Words are a specific type of synaptic pattern found in recently evolved regions of our brain that work as a modeling device. They build models of reality. MMMMMMMM MOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, not reality, but our personal connection with our ideologies will not admit to this truth. Neither will most of the pundits who spread these ideologies, their absolutism is the core of their selling point. It makes us feel comfortable in this chaotic world when we think we have the great truth, that we know God's plan for us. Speakers like myself are at an inherent disadvantage for most of what I have to sell is uncertainty and the reality I have to show not pretty but raw and ugly. All I have is the truth and in truth I can't even give that. As Bruce Lee once said, “this is but a finger pointing at the moon..” The camps, liberal, conservative and centrist, aren't interested in pointing. They want to hold the moon or in the case of the centrists they want you to believe everyone has their hand on a crater.

Whenever you let anyone dictate reality to you, you become a pawn and when I look at the politics of this world, that is all I see, a population of pawns. On this chessboard even the pundits are often pawns because the best bullshitters are the ones who believe their own bullshit. Hence there ain't no one pulling our strings in most cases but the damned ideologies themselves and this is a scary thought, because ideas don't have compassion or courage or love. These are animal emotions which we, by the grace of evolution, share. Ideas are not animal or human. They aren't even alive; they are machines created out of words like robots are built out of metal and circuits. These are our true rulers when we conduct ourselves soley in the preset arenas of Left, Right, and Center, or within the parameters of religion or science. What has been taken from us by our commercial education is no less than our awareness, what it has reduced us to is this... The turtle holds up a bolt


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