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For contest-A super short story describing a girl's one love in life.
                                                                My One Love
                                                            By: Emily Feliciano

  The curtains are closed but I can here them.  Whispering, they’re anticipating the next performance.  My future rests in their hands; how feeble I feel right now.  I am nervous but my father taught me to be confident.  Palms sweating, heart fluttering, but I have trained my breath to stay even.  They must never know, never sense that I am scared. 
  My father stands close; I can see him out of the corner of my eye.  I look over and he nods, he knows I will succeed-I have already won.  I am announced as the curtains pull back.  My performance is successful.  The audience response reminds me once again, this is why I was born.  Music is my life, music is my love.

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