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by beetle
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My thoughts on writing and love, sex and spiders--in senryu form.
The Rotten Poet

I write bad haikus
And feel the need to share them
With total strangers.


poems written in blood,
inspiration fades--oh, fuck!
I've run out of ink. . . .


just cry till you're numb
cry out, bleed out . . . you'll find out
it's all for nothing.

A Prayer for Silence

I thought love would be
wonderful. Now, I just wish
you'd shut the fuck up.

Terms of Endearment

You're a raging bitch
with a hole for a soul. How's
that for 'I love you'?

Old and Alone

We fight way too much.
I know I will die old and
alone. Thank the Lord.


Your touch repels me.
Dry, loathsome. Inept. But no
less than I deserve.

The Wife

I smile while my heart
is breaking. I have no soul
and no nerve endings.

Last Call

I had just one true
ambition: to fuck you. But
you've thwarted that, too.

(I know you hate it when I get all sappy, Denise, but I doubt you'll ever see this, so--)

It was cold that night;
I gave you my woolly gloves
As well as my heart.

(Eight senryus about a girl.)

You were freakin hot.
I wanted to know you in
The biblical sense.

Mink-brown hair, tangled--
Round glasses made your eyes huge.
You had pretty eyes.

Company party--
Deck the halls! Oh, thank God we
Smoked pot in your car.

All because of you.
Now patchouli gets me wet.
Did you bathe in it?

Echinaecea . . .
Holistic hippy-hoodoo . . .
You cured my cold.

When you laughed your whole
body told me I was funny.
Just call me Jerry.

Did you get fired?
Did you quit--or just walk out?
Fuck knows . . . I miss you.

I write bad haikus,
and senryus about girls
I've lost my chance with.

and in response to a positive comment on the"Amanda" senryus, left by Pleasing_Tint:

Ta, muchly, Pleasing.
Bad haiku's my best vent, since--
I never get laid.

The Spider

The itsy, bitsy
spider, crawlin’ on my face--
die, you fucker, die!
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