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what can i say it's a rough draft. don't expect anything brilliant.
OK VERY VERY rough draft here. basically broad outline and character sketches. we'll see what happens from there.

main character born in castle, raised no mother, very tomboyish, learns to fight, because no one cares. Father dies. Sold to another castle, made to work as a serving lady (very awkward). When there meets a knight who becomes a good friend. Saves her from getting raped by one of the soldiers garrisoned there. She falls in love with him, but knows that he is betrothed to another. Other girl comes to the castle and is really a nice person, and no matter how the main character wants to, she can't seem to hate her. The girl however, does not exactly seem true to her knight. She sets up meetings and does not show up, she does not let him do anything at all to her except "worship from afar." She tends to not put him first at all, and the main character hates seeing him hurt at all.

other plot....

there is a war brewing with the kingdom to the east, which is where the main character is originally from. Lots of backbiting and betrayal, but not from her, she is loyal to the kingdom that her knight is. The kingdom invades and during the battle the knight tells her to protect the other girl. She does, but by hiding the girl in a place that no one in the enemy army would know about. She then steals armor and equipment and goes to fight. She ends up saving her knight not once, but twice. She also kills the main leader of the other side (he was one of the ones trying to kill her knight). She passes out from blood loss and wakes up in the medical bay with both of them talking over her. having an argument. It seems that the knight had given her to the other girl to help her out, and instead of helping her, she tried to turn in the girl as a traitor. She lies and says that she saw the girl try to kill the knight. the knight leaves the room to try to find a medic, and as he is gone, the girl talks to the main character and says that she has never really loved the knight, and this is the perfect opportunity for her to get rid of him, she has the perfect scapegoat....her. knight comes back to get the main character and take her to the doctor.

and here I am stuck. would the main character just kill the girl and face his wrath? he is the man she loves, but the girl he loves is trying to kill him! or would she try to warn the knight, knowing he wouldn't listen to her? it just seems like a no win situation for her. I guess I'll have to think about it a bit. maybe she could be just strong enough to get up and stop her as she is trying to knife him. third wound. threes are good in novels. then the knight has to deal with the girl and the main character is safe. might work. but she'd be really weak. hard to pull that off. we'll see.

end of story

should the girl get the guy? another tough question. I think there should be some romance between the two in the main storyline. He's not a perfect knight by any means, and the girl constantly spurns him for other people, places and things. BUT that makes the main character the second girl...not the main interest. there needs to come a moment when the knight realizes (before the girl tries to kill him) that the main character is the one he loves, and he is just staying with the other girl because it's the proper thing to do. Should the other girl die, be imprisoned, exiled? the only thing she did wrong is to fall out of love with the knight and try to get out of the situation... maybe there's another guy or something....

oh well there's the very rough draft that's more of a free write. at least it's down.
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