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"I call..while she’s feeling..then..hit the ceiling when she says she cannot fight"
Emotions going crazy
As I feel I’m being used.
Can’t stand that she’s so lazy,
And feeling so abused.
I call her while she’s feeling
Something real, and not so light,
Then I hit the ceiling
When she says she cannot fight…

Jesus died for us,
So who on earth are you,
To make a giant fuss
And say that you are through?
I can’t explore the details
In a poem of this length,
But every person fails
If they lack the strength!

Gratification instantly
Is what this world needs now.
Give your strength quite peacefully
And settle down somehow.
This world is not for architects,
But still you might succeed,
Without so many defects,
Being kind through one's misdeed!

A time to say ‘Hello’
Was when you had some fight;
Emotions aren’t that healthy, though,
And never out of sight.
You beg for more of everything,
Feelings not in check –
It’s goodbye time and time to sing,
She’s crying, “What the heck!”
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