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by Teto
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This is facts about Life. Lies what can we do without them

What would the world do without them? They create cultures, lives, and civilizations. But why do we use them? We hide in our masks of lies because we want to co-exist with one another- in order to create a fake unified order. And other than that, we can gain a desire that might benefit ourselves and maybe others. This in fact is human nature. We fear that we will have no relationship and no relation to this earth. So we use these lies to bring us am effective and coegnicient life style.

No man can be truthful all of the time. And if he did, then he would be called a God. Only one man has accomplished this way of life-Jesus. He proved he can be truthful and showed the world that they didn't have to hide behind a mask. So to follow the ways of Jesus Christ, is to effectively and literally follow the ways of a God.

Which dream would you wish to have? A world who is nice to you?
OR a dream that coincides with that of others?

A world who is nice to you is just a world that is selfish. There is no point to be living in that world. We cannot create a relationship in this world. The things we can relate in this world is things that will crumble to dust.

And worlds who are nice to each other are just mere dreams, but if anyone dreams of that world, then they, and only they, have the power to make it into their own reality. That power is called hope. We can unite and fight together to fight off world hunger and team up to fight disease, yet we fight for our brothers bread and wine. We can do many thing together, yet we hide behind our mask that the world sees as a never-ending web of Shadows and Lies.

War, disease, death. These have the power to create and destroy. Through war we can unite with brothers and fight for what is at sake but at the same time they carry the great tears of the widows and mothers. The lonely individuals of whom are stranded at home, to cry and sob in their endless insanity they call home. Through disease we can fight for purpose and help others. We find cures and unite countries. Yet millions upon Millions die. Death.

Lies are a human nature, Truth is a God given order.
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