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Wondered if it was off limits for a woman to say "I Love You" to the man first?
Ladies, it is a simple question yet a mystery of an answer if there ever was one in the first place, why do men dislike the "L" word, yes of-course, I am talking about Love. Is it commitment? Previous experiences with love that have ended in disasters? Who knows the answer. Men are a mystery but so are we women, we're each beautiful and all have the ability to captivate the men who surround us, but i cant help but wonder can we captivate them enough to make them LOVE us? Love us enough to at least tell us that they do love us, or enopugh so that we can tell them without them freaking out on us? Many women around the globe try as hard as they can, or even without trying at all, meet the men they all fall hoplessley in love with, and when they do they dress differently, all thier conversations revolve around thier men. Is it dangerous to fall in Love considering that the word represents so much about feelings and emotions that it jeapordises the happiness we have with men, all because of the fact that it is just as strong as hate or any other emotion known to man that they fear? That's what we have to notice in these relationships, sometimes its what the men themselves are feeling, we are so mixed up in pleasing them and our own emotions is it more than possible we forget about their emotions? Sometimes I myself forget my partners emotions so i always try to put myself in his shoes and imagine what he's feeling, its not hard and it opens up new doors in the relationship, though dont forget about your own feelings completley. Though we try to build more onto the relationship, its a question as simple as:

When is it ok to say I Love You?

When it feels right for you, and you're sure your partner is comfortable enough in the relationship to handle it. There's no rush, take your time and settle into it, and who knows, maybe he'll be the one to say it to you first!
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