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Sadness and sorrows.
I am in a world of depression and sorrow. Oh how life puts a weight on my shoulders that i long to throw off and sigh with releif to be rid of it. I know it's not as easy as I say, and it never will be easy, but I have to ask, why god sits up in the clouds high and mighty watching me suffer as he tortures me, and having a jolly good time while doing it too. My eyes are heavy and I feel like I should go to sleep, but i've been asleep all day, at least for the half of it anyway. I could think of nothing else that would rid my mind so easily of the boyfriend who seems to be non-existent in my life at the moment, or why no-one will hire me, why my mother cries for help with the son who is no more than 16 years of age, who is running off the rails ruining his life and driving the only mother I have to possible suicide.

I think of when I write things when I'm in a more cheerful mood and find that I write with more skill when I find myself in situations such as these when my mind is surrounded my the emotion of depression and melancholy. It reminds me of something I had read in a book about classical music composers and thier lives. I qoute my favourite composer Franz Shubert as he says "My music is the product of my talent and my misery. And that which i have written in my greatest distress is what the world seems to like best." Oh how I love his work and the way the sonata's of his century enlighten me and make me wish I could play such wonderful music for all to hear.

That is all I think. For now at least, until the next time when I am in such a mood so much so that I will have to write something longer that dribbles on about nothing but everything pointless and pathetic.
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