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Araboth is an angel...or just a pain?
I opened the door to my apartment to go to work and standing in front of me was a HUGE figure. He had horns a long red tail, and this ridiculous staff with twisting vines and and dark wood that he liked to claim was from the souls he had collected. I really doubted that. His eyes were dark evil eyes that I could hardly look into because it seemed that the depths of them went forever,and I was afraid I would get lost in them.
I slammed the door.
Then a banging started on my door. "Open Up! " You can't run from me Araboth. ! You know I always find you. "Go away I screamed through the door. Rule number one...never invite evil into your home, and I was NOT inviting this one.
"I will just bang louder let me in !", he hollered. I couldn't help it. I laughed. "Let you in? Are you out of you freaking mind. I am not letting you in. I am just trying to go to work for once, and now you stalk me like the stupid demon you are!
"Demon!, he seemed to spit through his sharp teeth, Demon!" I could almost imagine the rage he felt being called that, and part of me wanted to open the door just to see his anger, but I knew better. He would consider that an invitation. I AM THE DEVIL HIMSELF! he yelled. Then I heard a thundering clap and his stupid staff slammed against the threshold of my door. "Look Satan, or whatever you want to call yourself nowadays. I am so freaking late for work, and I HATE to be late for work, SO GET YOUR FUCKING RED ASS OFF MY DOORSTEP NOW! I know, I Know...in the movies I am supposed to be tormented for days, weeks, months or even years, and on some level I am. They all follow me around. But this one. He just poofed and left. I could tell he had left because they always leave the smell of menthol cigarettes and they disappear.
I sighed. "Fuck!, I was late. I opened the door and there stood my Guardian Angel. He has white hair neatly trimmed, a silly beard that he liked to keep just as neat as his hair. He groomed the damn thing all the time, and the most beautiful green eyes, I had ever seen. "Look Samuel. I am so late. I really would like to talk, but I can't. I made a brave attempt to step around him. For an Angel he was pretty stout. I wasn't getting around him. I sighed. "Araboth oh Araboth I was just wondering. could you please not use such foul language when you argue."
I couldn't help it, I gave him the look, and a hurried to my car. "I am not even going to comment on that Samuel. You know damn well they don't understand anything else. "Fuck!. I stamped my foot in anger, now I am really late. Between you and Satan I am never going to get to work.! I threw my purse down onto the hot Arizona pavement. He bent over and picked it up, and handed it to me. "Thanks, I replied peevishly.
I pushed back past Sam and then clicked on the key ring to make it open. It didn't 't work. Sam walked over beside me. "car trouble?" he asked. I turned and glared at him. "Open it." I demanded. "Araboth, really...the attitude and the language this morning. I have to say I am pretty disappointed with you on this beautiful day. Just for your information Angels almost always think everyday is beautiful. It's part of their nature. "Ok, Sammy, what is it? Why am I not going to work his morning?". "My goodness you are bright sometimes, he said in a sarcastic tone." I felt like tearing an angel wing off of him but at the moment he had them hidden. "I read that thought", he said. "Here." he said. He took my hand and I was at work. "There". he said again. "I looked." It was the Demon that insisted he was a devil that was at my door this morning. The funny thing was that people were greeting him and telling him welcome. "It's my demon", I said. "He turned to me. "Yes it is,and they hired him and invited him inside your work place. He is your new boss.
"FUCK!" I screamed. ARABOTH! Stop it NOW! you don't need to resort to that kind of language. "Why Sam?" Why is he there? Why would he be at my job? Don't they see the tail and the horns?" He touched my hand and I was out of my work place and at my favorite diner called the Five and Diner. "Order food" he said. Just then a waiter with hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed for over a week and dark deep eyes appeared before me. "Hi Araboth, he said. I was about to argue that I didn't know him, when he said. We all know you. "Oh and I like your hair even if you don't like mine", he laughed. I had long red hair and hazel eyes. They happened to change with my moods. He leaned over and tweeked my nose. You know, it isn't going to be as bad as you think right now. I hated to admit it but the nose tweeking made me laugh, and I did feel better.
He turned and walked away. I didn't order, I whimpered to Sam. He gave me the be quiet look. "Araboth, he is there because he has been told to try and corrupt you. "Um I am corrupted, I said to him." So now I guess he can move on, and work on another soul. it was his turn to glare at me. I thought I was pretty funny and there I has Samuel giving me his you better listen to me, look. "You aren't corrupted".
Just then, our waiter returned with my food. Sam never ordered any food. He said that Angels couldn't eat. Personally I didn't believe it.. I think they just are sloppy eaters and are embarrassed to eat in front of us humans. "Move over gorgeous, my waiter said. I scooted. "I need to introduce myself. I am Nicholas." He had a plate of the most food I had ever seen in a long, long time. He had two hamburgers, onion rings, french fries and two chocolate milk shakes. "Wow Nick, are you hungry?", I asked. "No this is just a snack. He took the huge bite of his first hamburger. It was pretty much halfway gone. I looked at Samuel. Are you sure you aren't hungry? "After seeing that demonstration of eating, even if I felt like trying food, I don't think I could stomach it now. I had to agree. "I took a bite of my sandwich. "So Nick, why did Samuel invite you to this little get together?" Nick was still chewing. Sam answered for him. "Araboth, you may have not always done the correct things in life, but you have a pure heart, that understands evil. There are people that are pure of heart but not too many that are pure of heart and understand about evil. You understand this because you are called what we call an innocent. Us Angels watch out for your kind, and we let you mess up and we do get upset when you do, but really your intentions for the most part are never bad or selfish. Its a rare trait.
"Look Sam, I am selfish, I stated. "How are you selfish? he asked. "Well, right now I don't want to work and I don't want to share my sandwich" Nick had brought me a tuna melt and I hate to admit it, but as gross as it sounds it is one of my favorite sandwiches. "That may be true but if I said to you, Araboth I really need you to work or I am so hungry you would gladly share half your sandwich and have no bad thoughts attached to it. In fact I know that you would feel good that you did that."
"Aren't most people that way?" I asked. Of course I knew the answer. Nick actually finished eating his first hamburger and was about to start on the next one, but took a break to reply. "It's not that you have that important of a job. It's not like you are the president of the United States or anything.", he said and then shoved some french fires in his mouth. "You really are amazing." I said to him. He smirked. "I know", he answered.
"She meant how you can just shove food into your mouth Nick". Sam said. "That too", he replied. Samuel decided to ignore Nick for the moment. "Araboth, what I think Nick was trying to say is that even though you work at a resort and talk to the owners and customers there. you still affect their lives." "Oh PASHAW!" I replied, he didn't mean that, and talking to owners isn't going to make one dent in those peoples lives."
"It's no just that. It's also that as a child you studied the occult. I dipped my french fry into my ketchup and nibbled on it. "Well, it's kind of interesting, don't you think?" I said to Sam, but I didn't look up at him. I really didn't want to see his expression. Nick slurped the last of his first milk shake in the most annoying way I had ever heard in my life, and said, "I'll say it is"! I looked at Sam, "He is here for what reason?" Sam smirked. "I thought he could help you.". "How? by eating me out of house and home and then starting on the rest of the world?" Nick spit food across the table as he laughed. "She is funny Sam. I like her", he said with s ridiculous smile on his face. Once again I tried to pretend he wasn't sitting next to me spewing food across the table and possibly on my new blouse I had just got from macy's. "He is a low level Demon. He has actually applied to get out of Hell, or whatever people call it these days and move up to Angel status". I stared at Sam in disbelief. His eyes glowed bright green. "You have to be kidding. I didn't know you could do that." It has been done since the beginning of time" Angels have become demons, demons have become angels. Humans actually can apply to be demons or angles once they leave this realm." I took a sip of Nick's milkshake. "Wow, I never read that in any of the literature that I pursued . He leaned over and took the milkshake out of my hand and took a sip. "mmm" he said. "Wow! you took a sip!" He shrugged. "It looked good" I laughed. "Yeah it is"
"I know you haven't. It isn't common knowledge." I looked around the restaurant to make sure we weren't being heard. "Look Sam, I don't think anyone on this earth has this knowledge." Nick winked at me. "He really is annoying in a cute way." I said to Sam. He rubbed is hand across his beard, as if checking to make sure it was neat and tidy. "There are a few that have known but because of different reasons was never spoken of. oh, and don't worry, I have made sure no one can hear what we are discussing. As far as they can tell you are complaining about your best friend and how much you hate her." I threw a french frie at him. "Thanks Sam.' I said sarcastically. It's the least I can do", he replied as he smiled his golden angle smile.
He ran his long fingers over his beard again. I figured it was to make sure the milkshake was no where to be seen. "The thing is no one really has the truth about Heaven, Earth, Hell, Angels and Demons and all the in between beings. He looked out the window as if he was pondering what to say next. He turned to me and his eyes were as sad as I have ever seen them. "it's been said that humans wouldn't be able to comprehend and understand. I don't believe that Araboth. I think we have done them a great disservice. They are more confused than ever.
"I have to admit that I am confused too Sam". Nick scooted closer to me and put his hand on my knee. he smirked. I moved his hand off my leg and onto his lap. "I don't think so Skippy". I said. I turned to look at Sam and said, "This is Angel material?" He shrugged. "He applied. I see no reason to see if he can prove himself." I pushed Nick away from me and said "Good luck with the application" Of course I didn't mean it, but I felt I needed to encourage him somehow.
Then it occurred to me. I hadn't called out sick to work. "Oh My God! I need to call work". I grabbed my purse and started looking for my cell phone. I found it and started to dial the resort. I looked over at Sam and he looked slightly bored. I hung the phone up. "Don't tell me. You called for me". He looked over at Nick and said, and said. "and would you beleive she is part Angel. Clueless really clueless at times." Nick laughed as if that was the funniest thing he had heard in a long time.
I kind of guffawed. "What the hell do you mean Part Angel"? Sam's eyes glowed and he seemed to look right through me as he said, "Yes part Angel, but really Araboth the mouth on you is not fitting for one. I'd appreciate it if you would work on it." Now I was getting a little annoyed. "Just when the hell did I become part Angel? I flipped my hair back and it hit Nick in the face. Sam started to answer but I wouldn't let him. Look, first you tell me I am not going to work, then you tell me that I am an innocent and now you spring on me that I am part Angel! Really Sam I have no recollection of ever applying for Angel status"?
Sam looked at Nick and said, You know that milkshake was really good, would you be an Angel and get me one Nick"? Nick looked a little taken back. then he giggled. "oh this is a test. O.K. Mr. Sam, I'll get ya one."
As Nick walked over to the counter to order one, Sam said. "You didn't know you were part Angel because you didn't apply for it. You just are."
It started as a low hum and the table started to vibrate. Sam's face looked ashen and then he said "Oh Shit!
A white ight glowing bright filled the Diner. I heard a voice whisper "Araboth, oh Araboth come to the light."  I wasn't really sure how to take that.  "Am I dead?" I asked the light.  Silence.  Nothing.  It glowed a little brighter.  "Araboth oh Araboth honeypie, enter the light  The light knows all, adn has all the answers.  Come Araboth, come accept your destiny." I looked at Sam, not really sure what I should do.  "Am I dead?  I asked him. He sighed,and turned to Nick at the counter.  "Nick knock it off!" nick was laughing hysterialy as he brought the milkshake over.  'you shoudl have seen the look on your face Araboth. It was so funny. "Fun my ass', I quipped, and then grabbed the Milkshake our of his hand and dumped it on his head. With barely a warning his eyes glowed red, these pathetic little horns grew outr of his head, and he grabbed me around the neck and slammed me against the jukebox.  "Fucken BITCH!" he snarled. Then something fro deep within me took control of him. I t was like a hand grabbed him and pulled him off me, held him into the air and dropped him into the booth.  I leaned closer to his face,and said "dont fucken try that again, you pathetic excuse for a demon." 

Sam looked at the both of us.  "Sit Araboth.  and can you  please clean up your language.  It's a bit embarrassing"  I glared at Nick.  "Sure Sam.", I answered as I contiuded to make sure that Nick knew I meant what I said. 

"Nick, if you are going to become a Angel, you need to be on your best behavior at the moment.  Also , I have told Araboth of her Angel status for a reason. She wasn't supoosed to know."  Iquit glared at Nick and turned to Sam.  "i wasn't supoosed to know?  How come?'  Because of somethign called free will.  You are supposed to find out on your own, though that rarely happens, and those that do realize it are often instutionaled, and we really can't risk that know.  You see The Four Horsemen and comig to Earth." 

I stopped nibblng on my fry.  "But don't the mean the end of the world as we know it?'  Sam shock his head.  "Yes, but I am trying to stop that."  I studied Sam's face.  The beard, the clear blue eyes.  "Why Sam?  Isn't ir predestined to happen?" 

He stared straight back at me.  "By whom, Araboth?"  A rush of uncertaintit came over me.  "Well, it's in the bible, isn't it? "  He gazed into my eyes deeper.  "Is it Araboth?  Is it really?"

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