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Maggie is born into a world on the cusp of human evolution.
Maggie dreamed of flying. She was high above the clouds looking down, the wind blew her long hair around like a whip. Her hands reached out for a cloud, and passed right through it. Eagles and hawks flew in circles around her as if to say, You are one of us. Maggie laughed as she flew upside down, and did circles. Her great wings flapped with hardly any effort, and she banked and circled like she had seen the large birds do. Flying lower now, she skimmed over the lake close to home and knocked over the boy, Thomas Weldon from his boat. He was always teasing her about her freckles, now he was sputtering in the water and shouting curses. Maggie simply laughed, then a voice called, Maggie! Maggie!

Maggie's eyes opened groggily as the feeling of wonder and freedom slowly faded away as her surroundings became more real. She was on the bottom bunk in a shared bedroom. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she noticed her foster sister, Sara, tapping her foot impatiently.

"C'mon you little maggot. Kara said that I was responsible for making sure you are awake, bathed, dressed and downstairs for breakfast." Sara said as Maggie got out of bed, making sure to turn around and make the bed up nicely before following Kara to the bathroom.

"you're lucky I wake up before the boys do or you'd have a cold shower." Kara said as she set the water for the shower to warm for her ten year old charge. The girl wasn't as bad as the others were, and at least she listened. Kara watched bored as Maggie stripped and stepped into the shower. "Do you need any help washing your hair?" Kara offered.

"No thank you, Kara. I can do it myself" Maggie said as the warm water sprinkled over her. Truth was, she didn't like anyone touching her hair. Not anymore. She heard Kara set the shower timer, Maggie wasted no time washing her body thoroughly then her hair. Turning the nobs off she opened the shower curtain and Kara had a towel ready.

"Thank you." Maggie said as she took the towel and dried her face, then wrapped her long dark hair int eh towel and took the second towel to dry off with. Kara really did try hard to look after her, she had been with the Forster's longer than any kid here. Maggie looked at the clothes that Kara had picked out. Wasn't really much of a choice since all pre-college schools required a school uniform now. Maggie got dressed quickly, as she heard the sounds of the boys waking up. Josh and Jon were loud when they got up, they let everyone know they were coming. Maggie quickly gathered all her things from the bathroom and followed Kara back to the bedroom to throw her things in the dirty clothes hamper.

She heard the slam of the bathroom door and the cursing of Jon shortly after. They passed him on the way downstairs as he yelled for Josh to let him in. Maggie could smell breakfast as she got closer to the kitchen. Maxine Forster was a good cook, and she insisted upon cooking herself for the children. Cereal was reserved for weekends or nights when Maxine and her husband Ken went out. Kara and Maggie set the table for everyone, then sat down.

"Kara, I had that dream again. The one about flying." Maggie said. As far as she was concerned Kara Langley knew everything. Kara looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. "So?"

"You told me that if I talked about my dream that I wouldn't have that dream again, " Maggie reminded her. "I dreamed it three times this week."

"Well at least it isn't a nightmare. Though you may want to talk to Professor Markson about it. He is the dream expert. He should be on the school grounds today giving lectures." Kara pushed her headband on with ease, adjusting her hair slightly, then looking at Maggie with solemn blue eyes.

Maggie was going to ask more, but Jon and Josh came running down the stairs and into the dining room. They found their seats quickly. Jon was two years older than Josh, but they were the same height and looked like twins. Same scraggly blond hair, grown long and kept back with a hair tie, same tanned skin, and same brown eyes full of mischief. Maggie thought of them as young lion cubs. yes, two young lion cubs is what they were. Their father and mother had died in a car crash, they had been with the Forster's for 6 months now while the courts decided between their remaining family members. Maggie looked at Kara, examining her now with new eyes, trying to put an animal to her. She would have to venture that Kara was a wolf. Very caring to those she is close to, and loyal to friends, but dangerous to those who provoked her wrath. However Kara was al one wolf without a pack. She needed others to direct to feel llike she was doing something right.

Mrs. Forster came in with the containers full of her baked goods. Scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, omelets, toast, pancakes with syrup int heir containers. Maggie had never seen so many things together at once. Maggie smiled at the assembled children like a mother hen.

"This wonderful breakfast is to welcome our newest family member. Margaret Windham, she likes to be called Maggie. She will be staying with us for a little while. I know she arrived on Monday, but I wanted to give her a proper welcome this weekend." Maxine said, as she smiled at Maggie, who blushed as all the attention was heaped on her.
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