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"My son or daughter..not yet..born..I haven’t the patience or been courtesy sworn"
All of the turmoil and frustration I’ve seen –
Heightened I am, because of caffeine!
Raising a family and living a dream
Involve more patience than they seem…

How we act depends on where we’re from –
We’re working hard, while others work some…
Making money, while seeing the blight,
Never such a pretty sight!

Son or daughter enjoy many laughs –
Some might be from goofs or gaffes
From which we’re blind, or in a fog –
We must be in need of a seeing eye dog!

Behold the wonder of your parents, dear –
Though I’m not your dad, for you aren’t here…
My son or daughter has not yet been born,
For I haven’t the patience or been courtesy sworn…

I need to accept, and settle fewer scores –
There’s pride a-plenty, which no one adores…
Though the money won’t be piled that high,
I must remember to be a smart and cherished guy!

The lives we lead require several roles –
For such a path, the shoes must have soles…
Wear and tear may determine our clout,
Or we won’t have children, there’s little doubt!
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