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The Technology generates jobs alright,but, it kills the artist.within you.
At the altar of the technology: Sacrifice of humanity.

Man was born free. Born free like any other species on this earth. Although, some species are, almost extinct at our doing; still they are the happier lot.

I never came across any horse or cow taking out a rally. Of course they rally around, sometimes, for their survival and we see herds of them moving from one place to the other. Man has excelled at using tools. He made strides in using the tools and became comfortable. Then he decided to extend these comforts to others and became a comfort- monger. Those who were already comfortable, because they could cheat some simpletons of their comforts, became buyers to these comforts. The technology came to comfort the comfortable at the cost of the comforts of uncomfortable. By the passage of time, uncomfortable became miserable. Now! It was technology that was doing all the work.

There was no need of uncomfortable (miserable) working for comfortable. So, miserable became surplus. There were no buyers for the miserable. The game was between less comfortable and more comfortable. The lesser ones were extending tech savvy comforts to more comfortable. The miserable were left out of race. With time more of miserable joined the miserable band. The miserable became jobless. They were at the mercy of the comfortable.

Over the years, many artisan have perished. Those considered survivors are already on the deathbed.

Potters, tin-platters, printer, dyers, cobblers, weavers, coachmen and horse-holders are few of them, who are not known any more.

Projectionist, cameramen, drivers are getting extinct in their own lifetime.

The culture of personal touch and individual excellence has vanished.

Everything is being manufactured to the exact specification, leaving no scope for individual interference or imagination. Talent has no buyers. Actually buyers are, also, being manufactured to the exact specification of the manufacturers.

Entire world is in blue jeans and sips at Cocacola.

Mother means ‘2 minute noodles’. Host means instant coffee. Parenting means financing.

Marriage means living arrangements and friends means club membership.

There is no end to this. You just have to think.

Where have we gone wrong?

Or was it a wrong start altogether?

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