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Conner's Boss wants more than just work. This is ch. 1.

Chapter 1

I need therepy. I have major anger issues. Normal people don't recommend themselves to get therepy, but I'm definetely far from normal. As of right now, I live in an apartment with a social worker, Amanda, who hates me. I don't really mind, I've never been a people person. I mainly come and go as I please, as long as I go after six a.m. and come before ten p.m. All guardians have rules. My mom and sister were killed, and the detectives still haven't caught the criminal. I know who it is, though! And I'll tell you in a little bit, because I love secrets. First things first, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl, and my name is Conner. Weird, huh? According to most people, Conner is a boys name. My mom liked to be different. I'm like her in that way, but I look like my dad. At least that's what she tells me, because he left after she became pregnant with me. He didn't like kids, so it was horrible for him when Carlie was born. I was the last straw, and my mom never really forgave me for that. I was always the tramp, the one that nobody wanted to deal with. I guess that is what made me what I am.
It was late July when they were killed. It was a nice morning, the one that makes people hum to themselves and believe that everything is going to be all right. The ravens were chirping away, and the sun was shining, giving everything a beautiful golden glow. Mornings like that make me sick. Carlie was always a peppy person, the one everyone at school wanted to hang out with. She was singing at the top of her lungs, and it was getting on her nerves. So what did I do? I slid into the kitchen, opened the bottom drawer, and grabbed the butchers' knife. I wasn't scared, just extremely pissed off. She walked into the kitchen a moment later, just in time for me to hide my knife behind my back. She glared at me, and went into the fridge for some orange juice. How cliche. Without thinking, I lunged at her and sliced her head clean off before she could even scream. She made a choking noise, and was dead. I heard a gasp at the doorway. Mom was standing there, pale as a sheet, staring wide-eyed at me.
"C-C-Conner, what did you do?" She looked ready to pass out. I lunged for her and sliced her head off, exactly the way I had killed Carlie. She screamed, choked, and was dead. Then I really thought about what I had just done. I was thirteen, so if I hid the evidence, maybe I could get away with it. I definetely couldn't stay here, because the smell of blood was making me feel strange things. I needed it, like a baby needs it's mothers' milk. What was wrong with me?! I was going insane! So I fell to the floor and played dead.
When I woke up, the police and investigators were swarmed around my house, and I was sitting on an ambulance. I was being held up by a man with a nametag that said 'Joe', and he smelled funny. Like apricots and pickles.
"What happened?" I said, playing dumb. If I could get away with this, I would be a criminal mastermind.
"We found you on the floor, honey. We thought you were dead, since you were covered in blood. Turns out it was just your mom and sister. I'm really sorry, hon. What's your name?" He had an accent, maybe a little southern mixed with spanish. I just stared at him, pretending to be in shock. Joe was as dumb as a box of rocks.
"It's Conner. Where's Carlie? And mommy?" I stared at him with what I was hoping looked like fear.
"They're...gone, sweetheart. Why don't you just rest and not worry. We'll take good care of you." I rested my head on his chest, and steadied my breathing so it seemed like I was asleep. Eventually I did fall asleep, and everything else that happened that day is just a blur.
They put me with Amanda because they though I would be more comfortable living with a younger women, like mom or Carlie. They tracked down many people, and found them all harmless. They were wondering if maybe it was an assisted suicide. Well, that was what they put as the COD. As for me, I'm just livin' and lovin'. Maybe I'll turn out okay, if I don't get caught.
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