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Conner's Boss wants more than just work. This is chp. 2.
Maybe I haven't told you enough about myself. As you already know, my name is Conner, and I'm fourteen years old. I have my dad's black hair, and my mom's green eyes. People say I look like my mom, but that doesn't matter now. She's dead. I think I have given you a bad impression of Amanda. She's a good person, really, but like I said before, I'm not a people person. She is very preppy and has pajamas in every shade of pink there is. It hurts my eyes. I would kill her, but then the police will get suspicous, and I really don't need that right now. Buisness is booming at the basement. Boss has been really nice to me, giving me all the extras and paying me well. I think that if this job holds up, I might be able to make it on my own, without having to look at pink everything for the rest of my teenage life.
Boss is my employer, and he pay extremely well. None of my co-workers knows where he gets the money, but we aren't at the liberty to guess. There are cameras in each cell. The basement is really just a basement in a run-down apartment building, one that was abandoned over thirty years ago. Nobody ever goes there, so Boss didn't have to pay a cent to get the basement all to himself. He set up ten cells, each with a sliding metal door, so that there isn't as much noise in the hall. He put a camera in the left corner of each cell, just to make sure we aren't sneaking any merchandise out the back.
When I say 'merchandise', I mean limbs, organs, anything from the body. Yeah, I am a serial killer. But at least I get paid! No, really. Boss pays the Runners to catch serial killers, and gives them to us to slaughter. The way he finds his Killers are through the obituaries in the newspaper. He saw that I was still alive, and hunted me down. He has a weird sense of knowing who will do the job right. We are given three bodies a night, and slowly slaughter them, causing as much pain as possible. None of us has ever seen Boss, but he does call us up and tell us what to do. He is watching through the cameras, and if he sees something bad, he calls that cell and straightens the Killer out. He calls me his pet, since I do the best work. I like Boss alright, but honestly, that man creeps me out. And look who's talking!
I go to Shadow High, the only high school within a ten-mile radius of Brookshire. Brookshire is an okay town, with a population of 3,938. You would never suspect that there is a whole underground buisness going on in the streets. I guess that is why Boss chose here. Anyway, Shadow High lives up to its name. All the kids that go there have some kind of issues, making the school very dramatic. There are only ten teachers, since most of them quit the second they get a look at the kids. There are three groups at school: the populars, the normies, and the geeks. I would be one of the normies, since I'm not that smart and I'm not that social. I live a very busy life, juggling school and work, plus the homework from both ends. I have to research autopsies for Boss, and homework comes with school. Then I have to find time to sleep. At least the bags under my eyes don't stand out from the other kids. If you didn't know any better, you would think we were all zombies.
A couple of weeks ago, Amanda brought me to school. It was her first day on the job, and she was enthusiastic about everything, including school.
"Oh, I never thought I would be a soccer mom. This is so exciting! Isn't this exciting, Conner?" She was literally bouncing up and down on the seat, and I was just too tired to give the long and insulting answer that popped into my mind, so I just sighed. "Cheer up, or Santa won't give you anything for-" she stopped. The school had just come into sight, and she froze up. The kids were milling around lifelessly, like they always do. I waited for her to recover. "Oh my, I never would have dreamed of this. Are they dead? Like, zombies or something? Conner, they look exactly like you do!" I glared at her. That was the last time she drove me to school.
Amanda basically has left me alone ever since then, making it a little easier to juggle my schedule. If she knew, she would faint right then and there. Some things are better left unspoken.
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