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An attempt to bring rhyme and reason to the giantess community.
Whilst reading through various giantess stories- both fanfictions and original works- there is no doubt one will come across various terms, the most notable of which are probably "Megagiantess" and "Gigagiantess". Whilst reading such terms, I noticed that the definitions of these two words were rather inconsistent, but generally meant as follows: Megagiantess typically referred to a giantess which was city sized, where as Gigagiantesses would generally range anywhere from the size of a continent to the size of the universe- grossly unmathematical. Thus, I have decided to attempt to redefine the size categories to conform with the terms set by the SI system's metric scale, and using the given prefixes to make a comparative scale by which one can easily rate a giantess, using either relative or absolute size.


Amazon: 2.1 m ~ 3.7 m (7 ft ~ 12 ft)
This class of giantess has actually been recorded in reality; whilst modern day humans rarely reach above seven feet, skeletons from ancient times have been found up to twelve feet in length. Thus, I do not truly consider characters of this height to truly be giantesses.

Giantess: 3.7 m ~ 10 m (12 ft ~ 32.8 ft)
This would be the size of a small house, anywhere from one to three stories tall.

Decagiantess: 10 m ~ 100 m (32.8 ft ~ 328 ft)
This category includes the famous "50 foot woman"; this woman would be the size of larger buildings, but not skyscrapers. A moving object of this size would definitely catch the attention of global satellite systems.

Hectogiantess: 100 m ~ 1 km (328 ft ~ 3280 ft)
This category is when a giantess begins to draw attention from a distance; ranging from the size of small skyscrapers to small mountains, she would be visable from a good ways away.

Kilogiantess: 1 km ~ 1 Mm (3280 ft ~ 621 miles)
This is the point at which a giantess not only outgrows mountains, but also the earth's atmosphere; if she still requires air at this point, she'll die rather soon- As, even if she can manage to stick her nose within the space of the earth's atmosphere, she would soon deplete the Earth's supply of oxygen (and thus cause an apocalyptic scenario). This giantess would be the size of a small island.

Megagiantess: 1 Mm ~ 1 Gm (621 miles ~ 621,371 miles)
At this point, a giantess crosses the threshold of earth itself; ranging from the size of a medium island to the size of the Earth itself, to nearly the size of the sun, these women are large enough to create their own field of gravity, and- realistically- would create enough body heat to set the Earth ablaze... But really, who cares about realism?

Gigagiantess: 1 Gm ~ 1 Tm (621,371 miles ~ 6.68 AU)
A giantess of this sizes ranges anywhere from the size of the sun, to being large enough to stand on the Sun and reach beyond Jupiter.

Teragiantess: 1 Tm ~ 1 Pm (6.68 AU ~ 6685 AU)
A giantess of this size can easily surpass the size of the solar system, and nears one tenth of a light year in height.

Petagiantess: 1 Pm ~ 1 Em (6685 AU ~ 108 ly)
A giantess in this category can bridge the gap between stars with ease, and would likely outshine any nearby stars.

Exagiantess: 1 Em ~ 1 Zm (108 ly ~ 105,702 ly)
A giantess of this size would be easily visible to anyone that could see the Milky Way galaxy; as a matter of fact, the upper limit of this category would make a giantess' height about the length of the Milky Way.

Zettagiantess: 1 Zm ~ 1 Ym (105,702 ly ~ 105,702,341 ly)
A giantess of this size can bridge galaxies, much like a petagiantess would bridge stars. The gravitational field created by such a being would be so great, that nearby galaxies would be crushed by her mere presence.

Yottagiantess: 1 Ym ~ 1000 Ym (105,702,341 ly ~ 1.05702341*10^11 ly)
The known universe is estimated to be 2*10^10 ly wide; thus, this is the ideal category for a universe-sized giantess.

Macrogiantess: 1000+ Ym (1.05702341*10^11+ ly)
This scale is currently beyond the scope of human comprehension, with nothing in reality known to compare or contrast it with.

Omnigiantess: Infinite
Just remember: Infinity is not a number; it means it is beyond everything, and has no beginning or end. Thus, a giantess with a physical body, no matter how large, would not would not be big enough for this category. Actually, a being in this category would not qualify as a giantess any longer, as it would no longer be a physical being at all.
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