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There's more to life than the corporation.
I reside in my partitioned space pondering little more than has been assigned to me. Small beacons bustle by the gate to my domain. Occasionally one enters and I fill him with knowledge pertaining to my expertise and send him on his way. This is my purpose. I know of no other way.

Ever so subtly, something shifts in my head. I look up at my gate and it appears to be unchanged, but something seems different. This causes me to move towards the gate with a new sense of wonder. I dare to peer outside. The corridor is long and very narrow. Beacons hurry about their business, each with a distinct purpose. Down the corridor they run, only to sidestep for a short time into partitioned spaces identical to my own.

Slowly I venture down the corridor. I stare into the spaces of my strange neighbors as they engage in impersonal, precise dialog with the beacons. I am ignored by those engrossed in this patterned commotion. As I make my way, I gesture to those in the partitioned spaces to come join me. Again I am ignored.

Someone taps me from behind. It is a beacon performing his function. He is a somewhat likeable little fellow, not at all unfriendly. He informs me that I am out of my place and offers to show me the way back. I politely refuse and he goes on his way.

I continue my adventure, learning as I go. I recognize myself in the faces of those I see, but from a new perspective. I feel pangs of remorse as I consider the limitations of my structured existence. I realize I can't go back and feel enthusiastic of new encounters.

I savor the taste of my newly discovered freedom.
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