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What its like been eighteen.
What feelings did you feel when you became eighteen, was it excitment or was i dought, for me it was a mixture of excitement, nurves and Horniness lol. But heres a story based on me and my friends ben, sam and chris.



Chapter 1.
The Planning.

Hi there my name is John, and I am seventeen but fast approaching eighteen. I can’t wait the freedom of going out with all my mates and been able to buy booze and most importantly for the mans health Porn. I live in Hull, a small little town that is ransacked with idiots, druggies and Chavs. It’s not what I would call a holiday destination.

I go to Hull College and I am doing Djing for radio there. I really love it, I love the idea of playing music for a living and going on holidays for free to interview the biggest names in the music industry. I am in my second year of my qualification, I really want to work for Galaxy or Radio 1 there the best for all the fun.

At college.

‘‘Well John your birthday isn’t long approaching is it’’ Said Sam, My best friend from school, ‘‘ Yeah It’s not long two days to go, can’t wait’’ I replied, ‘‘Yeah time to get pissed mate, and get some mans health in your diet if you get what I mean’’ Said my mate Ben sarcasticly.

Yes that’s my friend Ben he thinks about nothing else but drinking and girls, good for him because if he didn’t like them things, what kind of guy would he be. I just couldn’t wait, I was soon to be eighteen, I just couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t wait for my birthday ‘‘do’’.

I was planning to go Bowling and go to see a film at Odeon in Hull near me, I was going to see X-men Origins, and go for a few games of bowling and also travel in style in a Hummer Limo. That would be the most perfect night for my big day, along with all my friends Sam, Chris and Ben.

‘What are you thinking of doing then mate, what’s your big plan’’ Said Sam, ‘‘Well I was thinking about going bowling and going to cinema to see X-men Origins and go in style a Hummer Limo’’, ''Oh great mate that will be wicked'', ''Yeah'' Replied Ben Quickly.

Wow it was heating up now I asked my mum my plans for my birthday ‘‘do’’. ‘‘John could you come downstairs for a minute’’, Shouted my Mum, ‘‘Yeah’’ I Replied, ‘‘What is it’’, I added, ‘‘Well me and your Dad were wondering what your plans were for your birthday’’ Said my Mum, ‘‘Well I wouldn’t mind to go Bowling and go to cinema too, and if possible go in a Limo’’, I Replied, ‘‘What kind of limo, a normal one or something else’’ She Asked, ‘‘I was thinking of a Hummer Limo or something around them lines’’, I Replied getting excited, ‘‘

‘‘Okay son’’ Said my Dad, you can go Bowling and cinema but we will have to see about a Limo okay, it depends how much they are to rent and also if you want picking up and dropped off at cinema and Bowling’’ He Continued, ‘‘Okay Dad if you can’t afford a limo then maybe a mini bus or a taxt instead’’, I Replied.
Well I was very excited, my parents where been very cool with my plans, they are normally very negative when I ask for something like this, but maybe its because it’s my big eighteenth and they want it to be very special. That night I got straight on the phone to my friend Sam and told him everything my parents said about my ‘‘do’’.

‘‘Alright mate, I was just ringing to let you Know that I’ve had the talk about my birthday plans’’ I Said Excitedly, ‘‘Wow really what did they say’’ He Replied, ‘‘Well they just asked me what I wanted to do for it and me also wanting a Hummer Limo and they were very cool with it but they said they will have to see how much it is first before anything is concrete’’ I Said,

‘‘Great well I hope we can do what you want mate, it would be wicked’’ He Replied, ‘‘Yeah me too’’ I Said.


My eighteenth was tomorrow and I was feeling very excited and also very nervous, because I didn’t know what was going to happen on the night. I couldn’t concentrate on my work at all and I was told off and sent out the room for not doing my work, but I didn’t really care because I didn’t want it to spoil the vibes I was feeling.


‘‘Well my friend it’s the big day, so what’s going down then, you found out what’s happening yet’’ Said Ben Anxiously, ‘‘Yeah I know I can’t wait, but no I don’t have a clue what’s going on tomorrow night, my Mum and Dad are keeping it a secret and won’t tell me anything’’ I Replied Nervously, ‘‘Well that’s seems a good sign though mate, there keeping quiet about it, makes it seem a lot more special and more exciting to see what happens’’ Said Sam, ‘‘Yeah maybe your right’’ I Replied.

When I got home that night my parents where acting very strange, like they didn’t have a clue what tomorrow was. I asked them about tomorrow to see if anything was sorted and all my Dad said was ‘‘You’ll find out in due course’’. This made me even more nervous because it gave me the feeling that they hadn’t sorted it.


Today was the day; at long last it was here my eighteenth. I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before, all I was thinking about was, have they sorted and booked things, I was really worrying.

‘‘John it’s time to get up, it’s your big one eight today’’ Shouted my Mum up the stairs, ‘‘Okay won’t be a minute’’ I Replied Excitedly.

I quickly got dressed and washed nearly breaking my neck in the process because of the excitement. I went down stairs and my mum was in the kitchen washing the pots from the day before and getting breakfast ready.

‘‘Wow it’s my birthday already’’ I Said, ‘‘I no I can’t believe it myself, two more years and you twenty’’ Replied my Mum.

Wow two years time I’ll be twenty, that sounded weird, I loved been a teenager I don’t think I would like been in my twenties, I would feel really old. I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa and started to open my cards, all the cards said happy 18th, to a special grandson and to a special son, and you wouldn’t need to guess who that card was off.

I finished opening my cards and I had about 120 pound in birthday money. Half of that came from my parents, I then started to open my presents. I had five presents in all but I didn’t mind I was eighteen after all and that’s what changes when you get older, you get less for Christmas and Birthdays or that what should happen.

My friend Chris hasn’t got that idea in his mind yet, he’s really quiet selfish, he asks for loads of stuff for his birthdays and especially for Christmas. But I’m not like that, I like what I’ve been bought and I don’t care for gifts I prefer money for CD’s or DVD’s.

I got a lot of great stuff, I got four games for my playstation and three DVD’s That I asked for. I was very happy, it was a perfect beginning to a perfect day. After I finished opening my presents and cards, I rang all my mates Sam, Chris and Ben to double check that they were still coming to my ‘‘do’’.

‘‘Alright Chris mate I’m just ringing to see if you were still up for tonight’’ I Said, ‘‘Yeah mate I should be coming, what time do I need to be at yours later’’ Chris Continued, ‘‘Well Ben and Sam are getting to mine for about half 6, so if you want come for around then ok, ‘‘I Replied, ‘‘Yeah okay mate I’ll probably see you later’’ Said Chris, ‘‘Okay mate see you then’’ I Replied.

Then I rang Ben.

‘‘Hi mate I was just double checking if you were still okay for tonight’’ I Said, ‘‘Oh yeah mate, I’m still coming, Hey your gonna love your present mate’’ Replied Ben Excitedly, ‘‘Nice one thanks mate, okay I’ll see you at about half six then’’ I Replied, ‘‘Okay mate see you then’’.

Then lastly I rang Sam.

‘‘Alight Sam, you okay mate’’ I Said, ‘‘Yeah mate I’m fine, and what’s the reason for you ringing’’ Replied Sam, ‘‘Oh nothing really, I was just seeing if your okay still for later’’ I Said, ‘‘Oh no I can’t come mate sorry, I’ve got family coming round and my Mum said I can’t come sorry mate’’ Replied Sam Sarcastically, ‘‘Oh really what a shame mate, your gonna miss the stripper we’ve got booked and the wicked limo I have booked’’, I Said, ‘‘Oh well on that note I guess they wont mind me coming, I’ll just apologise to them and come anyway’’ Replied Sam, ‘‘Ah I knew you were fibbing, you need to be a lot better than that to fool me mate’’ I Said, ‘‘Okay mate I’ll see you later at about half six okay’’ I Continued, ‘‘Okay mate I’ll see you then mate’’ Replied Sam.

Now it was set, everyone was still okay for coming. This night will be a night to remember, for me and for my mates. It’s gonna be a night for boozing and girls, nothing better than that.

Chapter 2
The ‘‘DO’’.

This was it, Sam, Chris and Ben were here, we were just waiting to see what was happening. I still didn’t no about the Limo or anything, so it was an anxious wait. We chilled and had a few cans of Carlsberg each and a few shots of Sambuka, which really started our engines for the night.

I found out earlier on in the day from my Mum that, my cousin Christian and His mate who I’d never met were also coming on my ‘‘do’’. I was wondering all day who this friend was. But my mum wouldn’t of invited anyone who didn’t like me.

This was it, it was ten minutes to us been picked up to go Bowling and Cinema. I still had no Idea what the hell was coming to pick us up, as my mum and dad wouldn't say a word, it was driving me completely insane, the anxious waiting.
This ten minutes seemed to take an eternity to go, and I could see also that Sam and Ben were getting anxious too.

''Bloody Hell John when is this special transport getting here'' Said Sam Sarcasticly, ''I have no idea mate, I'm shitting myself, because I don't no what they have booked'' I Replied, ''Jesus John this is getting perfetic now mate, I hope they did book the Limo you wanted and not a shitty people carrier'', Said Ben, ''Me to mate, I hope they have booked the Limo too'' I Said.

With that we heard a car pull up out side the house, and a really loud horn sounded. I parted the curtain and looked out, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was a yellow Hummer Limo. I leaped up with excitement and ran to the front door. Sam and Ben had no idea what I was doing until they came out side.

My Mum and Dad stood in the door way smiling at our reactions. My dad got the camera and took a few snaps of the outside and inside of the Limo. There was champaign and a fridge full of snacks. It was a fantastic car.

When we was admiring the Limo my Auntie and Uncle came to drop my Cousin and his mate off to go Bowling and Cinema.

''Nice Johnny, now thats a Limo'' Said Christian'', ''This is my mate Matt'' He continued, ''Alright mate happy birthday mate'' Said Matt.

This Matt seemed to be a really nice guy, really fun to go drinking with.

We got into the Limo and the driver showed us all the controls for the cd player and what we could or couldn't do in the Limo. And off we went, the Limo driver was playing Hardcore, which is hard dance what me and my mates love. It added to the atmosphere in the Limo going down.

We went around Hull and shouted at all the Chavs at the other end of the street. Betime we got to the Cinema we were pissed out of our heads, I could hardly stand yet alone sit through a full two and a half hour film.

''Okay lads I'm staying here until you come out of the cinema and I'm going to take you to the Bowling place afterwoods, Okay'' Said the driver, ''YES'' we all shouted.

When we got out of the Limo there was loads of people looking and taking photos of the Limo, I felt like royalty, I was still really excited and couldn't believe my parents had booked the Limo I asked for.

We went into the cinema, Sam went to get something for the film from the shop and ben went to the bar for a pint, while I got the tickets. We still had about half an hour before the film started so we had a few pints and had a laugh.

''Mate happy birthday, I hope you enjoy your big night'' Said Sam Pissed, ''Thanks mate, I'm really happy you all could come'' I Replied, ''Yeah mate, this place is a gold mine for lasses ain't it'' Said Chris, ''Oh yeah, that one over there is like sex on legs'' I Said. ''Hey the film starts in ten minutes, we had better get going or we will miss the film'' Said Ben Loudly.

We got into the cinema and sat down. Drink and cinema enviroments do not mix when your pissed. None of us could see were we was going and we couldn't see the screen properly. About ten minutes into the film we all started to get better and enjoyed the it.

''Wow what a film, that was good'' Said Sam, ''Yeah it would have been better if we could see what the hell was going on'' Replied Ben.

We all stumbled to Hollywood Bowl as that was our plan. We got in and we sorted our shoes out for bowling ones. We inputted our names into the computer and started to play. It was really fun, all us mates chilling and having a laugh you could not experience anything different.

My cousin and his mate went for a walk around to see what there was. There was arcade machines and pool tables. While Me, Sam and Ben were Bowling my cousin Christian went on the pull with his mate. I couldn't believe it, it was my bloody birthday, my eighteenth and he goes looking for lasses without me.

Chapter 2.
The End Of A Great Day.

More to be written soon.......

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