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A childhood funny.

I recently had to purchase a doll stroller for my daughter (as she tried to steal another little girls’ stroller at a community event recently, giving me good indication that she was into this kind of thing – the stroller I mean, not the stealing hopefully). I must say, it has been money well spent. She pushes her stroller around the house incessantly. She has even been resourceful enough to use it as a weapon against one of the three dogs that are usually trying to snatch her morning waffle away from her. It is fend for yourself around here, but I digress. Anyway, one evening she was packing her “lovies” and “naked baby” into the stroller and getting somewhat frustrated over the fact that she was having difficulty fitting Stinky Pinky, Horsie, and Naked Baby into the stroller all at once. After much amusement in watching her do this, I finally decided to help her fit all three in snugly. Very pleased, she took off around the house pushing her “babies”. Well, needless to say my daughter inherited her mother’s coordination, or lack thereof. As she was running with the stroller she transitioned from the rug in the family room to the hardwoods and it did not go well for her. As her left leg seemed to give way, she toppled over sideways never releasing her grip on the stroller as she went down. Babies went a flying! As Reid brought herself to a sitting position and started collecting her thoughts on the last few seconds, she let out a blood curdling scream as if she had just murdered all of her babies and her world was rapidly crashing down before her! She didn’t know which one to run to first. Laughing hysterically I had to console her and repeatedly show her that Stinky Pinky, Horsie, and yes.. even Naked Baby had survived the incident.
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