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It happens every day.
The car slipped easily in and around traffic. It was a sunny, warm, weekend afternoon. He had no plans for the day other than to spend a few hours with friends on the back patio. He needed a few grilling supplies. Making a quick run to the grocery store, he drove in a carefree fashion that suited his mood.

He made the errand fun, zipping past other cars as he made his way down Main Street. The car was running well, and the radio poured out that irresistible tune that had recently captured so much air time. He was diggin' it! "Yeah, baby, you!", he sang as he tapped out the rhythm on the steering wheel. Store fronts and businesses flew by almost unnoticed as the magic of the song took hold, and he sang louder. "Yeah, it's all you!" It was truly infectious. Soon he was almost dancing in the car seat, keeping the beat on the wheel, and singing with unmitigated gusto.

Arriving at his destination but not losing his unbridled energy, he slowed the car as he pulled it into the center turning lane before driving into the parking lot. He waited for the oncoming car to pass before making his turn. He continued to keep rhythm and sing.

He watched as the other car approached at 30 miles per hour. A girl he didn't recognize, much younger than himself, was in the driver's seat. As she approached, he could see her more clearly, and in a flash he realized that she must be tuned to the same radio station because she too was keeping the same time on her steering wheel, and her mouth was forming the same lyrics. As he made this realization, their eyes met and in them he saw the same recognition. They were mid-verse, belting it out, and in a flash sharing the moment like two long-bonded souls. Two big smiles ensued and they each spontaneously sang with even more vigor.

Her car passed by and in an instant was gone. The song kept playing on the radio. He kept singing and turned his car into the grocery store parking lot.
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