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Cool Mountain Stream, a poem of mine

Cool Mountain Streams

by Amber

Seeming far off, all those sounds in my ear,

slowly got louder as if coming quite near,

as I awakened, my mind hid the sweet dream,

of us, clear days, and cool mountain streams.

Reality please go, let me fall back to sleep,

he's all I live for and my soul he keeps.

With our need for each other and all we share,

he's got to be frightened, alone now in there.

Fear not sweet love, for it won't last too long,

this sun that's risen soon will be gone.

The sandman will come, he'll sprinkle his dust,

return me to you, just keep up your trust.

Some think I've lost all reasoning of mind,

trying my hardest to sleep all the time.

Some live for fame, good days, bright lights,

I live for dreams of us in my nights.

The promise I made, as you lay almost dead,

was to keep you alive and well in my head.

I prepared you a place, you live in my dreams,

of us, clear days, and cool mountain streams.
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