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Never Let You Go
Well this is a work in progress, so if you have any ideas please tell me. Thanks!

I lost a friend about 4 years ago to suicide, his death inspired me to write this poem.

Never Let You Go

Sitting here, thinking back when you were here

How I felt your presence so close and so near

Loving every moment that I spent with you

Why did you go away why did you leave me blue?

Many memories all in which I'll keep in my heart

Sitting here crying alone tonight, I'm falling apart

You're gone now, except now you're gone forever

It shouldn't have happened now, not now or ever

So sad yet thankful that I've had you in my life

And even if now many people will live in strife

Such a wonderful soul that everyone did love

No more pain now as you set your wings for above

In my heart I'll hold you close, never let you go

I loved you so much, I always will so you know

Always in my mind is where I will see your face

A person like you in this lifetime no one will replace

In the photos I have that show you off tonight

I will forever hold on to your spirit so tight

And one day I'll see you again, when? I don't know

Rest in peace Zach I promise i will never let you go
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