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Weathy Arabs marry temporarily young girls
The wealthy Arabs engage themselves in temporary marriages with very young girls. This is allowed by their holy book. They will have four or five wives kept in different houses. Whether they consent or not, the male arranges to have temporary marriages with girls from poor families within or outside their countries. This is done through trustworthy pimps who will pay the father of the girls handsomely. These girls will be as young as 10 or 12. If the ‘legal wives’ object, they will be beaten to subjugation. During the nights these poor creatures cry aloud out of sheer pain from what the healthy, well-fed man does to the siblings. Once his lust is fulfilled the girls will be sent out into the streets with their hands full of gifts and ornaments. But no one would take them again as wives as a girl once used by another man is not wanted by an Arab. May be the pimps will engage them in temporary marriages. Or some poor laborer may take her as a wife as he does not have to pay any bride money nor gifts. He gets her free and when he can afford a better woman he will simply divorce her with the holy word uttered thrice. Again she lands up in the streets from where she may not have deliverance.

The man will have preferences to one or two wives among his legal ones. She will get more presents and more children than the others. Those who become old are simply divorced and new, young girls married in their place. No wife is constant; everyone is temporary. Only the man remains the same. If anyone of them displeases or disobeys his dictates, he may keep her in solitary confinement without food or even water. Occasionally the man would enter the cell to beat, kick the hapless creature and push her against the wall. And when the man is exhausted, he goes away to come back and continue the torture later. There will be a reprieve when he goes to London or Paris or Moscow to sleep with the white prostitutes there. This may take as long as six months. Then he would return to his legal wives or the ones temporarily engaged and pass on to them the deadly diseases he has contracted from abroad.

The temporary marriages are ipse facto prostitution in a blatant way. But since the religion permits it, nobody dares to question the practice. But the sad paradox is that the male has at his disposal so many women but still he engages in prostitution and goes abroad for dirty sex. But the women back home are deprived of freedom to learn or work or even simply go out without his permission. If she does so she will have to cover herself fully in dark clothes and with veils. The condition of women is much worse than slaves of yesteryear..
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