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a visit to a speaker who was clinicly dead for several minutes and came back to life
This is a review about my visit to see a woman that lived after dying... I would like to believe that I had no expectations or preconcieved notions about seeing her but I was wrong... I guess after it was all seen and heard that I did have some expectations,and I did not expect what I got. I do believe she was in an auto accident and that she died and was brought back. I guess I was expecting some type of surreal experience maybe? I thought she would be angelic in her appearance maybe? No she did not float on a cloud, or have wings sprouting from her back.... This woman was certainly beautiful, very much the type of woman you would think lived in a beachhouse somewhere on the California coast. She has long silverblonde hair, large eyes, perky nose, and smooth olive skin, and a slim, very much poised figure, and if you saw her on the street she would blend in like most people do.

After the hostess introduced her she started speaking about how old she was when the accident occurred (21) . She was hit broad side while driving her car in Seattle, remembers seeing the grill of the car that hit her, right in her face, and then she blacked out. She comes to in the ambulance and then blacks out again, now this part is where I get skechy. While blacked out the second time she tells us that she goes through a tube or tunnel and it is below her when she starts to speak to something or someone not of this earth...no words were actually spoken orally but she understood every thing that was said to her,,,she was given a choice to go back to earth or stay there. However if she came back to earth there were rules to follow,, One of the rules that stick out in my mind was to stop watching TV...she was told that the Television and the media in general( I guess) was not a good thing...... and she was also told to spread the word? She recieved an overwhelming abundance of information and did not have enough time to relay all the info to us, apparently time as we know it does not exist where she was at that particular moment.

If you are into the supernatural and metaphysical you have probably heard these words " there are no words in the english language that can describe this experience" That is what she said................Her main goal on this visit was to show people how to experience Joy in there lives... and so the audience participated in a round of dancing and singing with the idea being that dancing makes us feel joy and therefore raises the vibration in the room and we all feel better. Now that did work, we all felt better...tis true,we did . Was there more then this? not much.. and on that note I will say this "There are words in the english language that can describe this experience, I'm just not sure what they are....

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