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It is about the love I have for someone very very dear to my heart..
The nearness of you is like honey to the bees.
There is great depth within you 
Everything is right about you.
There is a wonderful feeling I get from you when you're near.
Though the hands on the clock tick away with you time stands still.
Though I falter in telling you how I feel, you somehow know.
The nearness of you is a great blessing.
It is something I wish for all time.
I hope that you will  never leave me.
There is so much to you and your heart.
Though I could have anyone in the world, I  desire to be with you.
There is never a dull moment.
There is a precious time that you give to me.
It is something that I long for and you give it to me everyday.
That is the love of one person to another.
There are volumes of works in our land today.
But, may this speak volumes too.
I love you with all my heart and long for you to know that everyday of your life.
There is no one like you nor would there ever be anyone that could take your place.
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